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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SC&A Goes Interfaith

Campus interfaith, no less! You don't want to miss SC&A's account of an interfaith meeting at Duke. A teaser:
Prior to the presentation by the KCC (Kumbaya Clerics Corps), we had the opportunity to mingle and engage in a bit of chit chat with other attendees. It became immediately clear that all in attendance shared a kind and gentle spirit, coupled with absolute hatred for George Adolph Bush (the President was referred to that way more than once) as well as any version of Christianity that did not see the world their way. In addition, there was much visceral hatred extended towards Israel and Jews that would refuse to participate in their own slaughter and vilification.
When the 'look at me, mommy!' crowd was done, another 'Muslim scholar' in attendance took to the microphone to make a statement, in which he noted the obvious superiority of the Quran as and unchanged sacred text, as opposed to both the Old and New testaments. We immediately rose and challenged his assertion re the Quran, citing scholarly evidence to the contrary (there are at least three versions of the Quran. Yes, we are equipped to that argument. We are after all, SC&A).

At that point, we were interrupted and told that this was not the forum for textual discussions that might offend some.
I flinched, winced and guffawed my way through this post. Too much of this might make DU's idea of spirituality (take lots and lots of drugs, vomit for a few hours and turn into a Jaguar) look conservatively mainstream.

I can assure you that no literary licence was taken.

None at all- which is pretty a pretty sad thing to say.
Oh, I've been to a few of these. I don't doubt it. Sad shading into tragic, methinks.
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