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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well, I'll Be!

While I spend my time trying to learn some Turkish and DU contemplates the burning question of possible escape routes from the US, Betsy Newmark posts a short Alito note:
The Democrats seem to be flailing around in choosing their tactics in opposing Alito. ... Now, they put a guy on their witness list who was supposed to testify that a group that Alito belonged to at Princeton was anti-woman and anti-black. But, now they've pulled the witness, Stephen Dujack, after it was revealed that he had written an editorial comparing slaughtering animals for food to the Holocaust. Suddenly, the Democrats realized that having such a witness there to paint Alito as outside the mainstream might not be the best move.
Nooooo kidding.... The national Dem leadership might have got some outside help on that one, because I don't think most of them have a clue about the mainstream. They don't even recognize it when it rears up and nips them in the butt. I mean, really, PU is not exactly mainstream. This is the Peter Singer school of human rights place, for heaven's sake! And Peter Singer thinks a goose has way, way more claim on our compassion than a child born with spina bifida, a belief which thankfully, our Armed Forces do not share. Betsy also posts about a liberal classmate of Alito's arguing that he should be confirmed:
The president took the high road on this nomination. He juggled his politics and his public relations, and while I don't like either, I have to be grateful for the quality of lawyer, and individual, who emerged as the nominee.
In other dire news, a poster to the DU thread about escape from darkest America notes that the Netherlands just privatized their healthcare:
14. universal health care has been privatized here in The Netherlands per 1-1-2006.
Personally i think Venezuela is the most civilized nation right now.
Okay. Whatever you say. The urge to start a fund to buy these people tickets is compelling....

they're just tossing out anything they can find against alito to see if something sticks. even if he was worth defeating that is a horrible method to go about it.
Not only is it horrible, but it is self-defeating. The average person is going to apply Occam's Razor by looking at the attempt to bring forth such an argument as a likely indicator that no more compelling argument exists.
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