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Monday, January 09, 2006

WHO Says Turkey Lab Results Good

WHO's update basically says to accept the Turkey confirmations because they are, so that brings us to 14 lab-confirmed cases and at least one more death. That means that in one week Turkey has identified more human cases than China and India combined, and more tptal cases than Indonesia. Not surprisingly, the death rate in Turkey is going to run way below the death rate reported from Indonesia.

I don't think the virus has mutated. I think this shows how few of the human cases have been detected. Turkey has better medical care, better testing facilities and more of a committment. Still, the criteria that they are using to figure out which cases to test would exclude mild human to human transmissions. I don't believe H5N1 is transmitting human to human, but we really would be doing nothing different than Turkey and we would miss the first human cases as well.

It's just a sobering look at the limits of our medical system in practice and a practical rebuke to the theoretical mathematical computer-simulated plans for a "Tamiflu blanket" to shut down the first human cases. No way.

Data from U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration @ www.msha.gov

United States mining fatalities in the last four years of the Clinton administration and the first four years of Bush's administration.

year 2004 - 54 fatalities
2003 - 56
2002 - 67
2001 - 72
Bush's administration
2000 - 85
1999 - 90
1998 - 87
1997 - 91
Clinton's administration

Liberals are trying to blame the Bush administration for the deaths of the 12 coal miners in West Virginia because they say Pres. Bush relax safety regulations but look at the numbers. Despite the fact that coal production is up in the mining industry now over 4 years ago (result of the boom in the energy sector) less people are dying.

I guess less regulation equal less deaths in mines.
We don't really know if the virus has mutated or not- but in fact, that is irrelevant, really.

You just can't fool Mother Nature, no matter how hard you try.

There are too many variables available to this strain of flu. We can't manage them all.
SC&A -
I agree. You put it in a nutshell. Nature is not controllable, and the only rational thing to do is acknowledge that.
Myron - that's some interesting numbers, but I doubt they prove anything. However, they do demonstrate that liberals need to work harder to make their case.

One thing is sure - mining is a very hazardous occupation! Although not, I believe, as dangerous as being a convenience store clerk.
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