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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Folk Marxism

Kobayashi Maru does a wonderful job of laying out the leftish ideology lying behind the drives to implement blasphemy laws in some European countries. I disagree with his conclusion - I think there are plenty of moderate Muslims out there, but of course, the papers don't like to print anything about their activities. Not sensational enough. Who's going to print a story about a bunch of nicely dressed doctors, lawyers, programmers, nurses and teachers holding a demonstration against terrorism? The NY Times wouldn't dream of printing it - it's got no redeeming social value!

Probably his best link is to Taranto's comments on "folk Marxism":

..."folk Marxism," or liberal multiculturalism... sees the world as a series of class struggles--not between economic classes, as in proper Marxism, but between racial, ethnic, religious, sexual or other identity groups, which are defined as either "oppressors" or "victims."

That's true. The idea of the left (and especially socialist Europe) is that civil liberties vary by class. If you can manage to get in the "abused minority" class, you should have special protections. This is why the riots are sweeping through European countries. In Europe, yelling about abuse and pain gives you a social advantage and since socialism has locked down entry into the job market for immigrants, their only real way to advance is to agitate for more such advantages.

The US constitutional idea is that civil liberties are the same for everyone. The marxo-lefties hate that but haven't quite succeeded in getting the Supreme Court to reinterpret the Constitution their way. This is why you don't see Muslims rioting here. First they can get jobs, and second they will not get an advantage by loudly screaming about abuse. Well - only on college campuses. There it will get you tenure, chairmanships and speaking fees.

I'm just pointing out that folk Marxism is just as abject a failure as the other kind. Why anyone still believes in this stuff is beyond me.

Thanks for the link MOM! You and your readers might be interested in two gems I discovered yesterday that support what you're saying: there are moderate muslims out there. It's just that they've been drowned out by the violent rhetoric of their brothers.
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