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Friday, February 03, 2006

Karate Chop The Parrots

No, this is not about bird flu. Put down your coffee and then I will provide the link.

You knew there was a reason you read this boring blog, didn't you?
WELLINGTON, New Zealand -- Organizers of a vintage car rally have hired karate experts to protect vehicles from marauding native parrots, a media report said Friday.

Around 40 members of a local karate club have been enlisted to protect around 140 classic cars due to visit an alpine village near Mt. Cook on New Zealand's South Island on Sunday, the New Zealand Press Association reported.

The karate experts will protect the cars from Keas, sharp-beaked native parrots which have been known to damage vehicles in their search for shiny items, NZPA said.
So, like, is there going to be film? I will be heartbroken if there is no film. Those forty Karate Kids are going to have to be really spinning, leaping and kicking to defend 140 vehicles against the terrible Parrot Menace from the skies.Watch the skies! Watch the skies!

Admit it - you would go to see this movie. This movie could rejuvenate Hollywood. This could be an all-time grosser. This could sweep Cannes, Hong Kong and Beijing, cross all cultural lines and unite the world in awed delight. This was the film Spielberg should have made to unify the world against the Parrot Pirates. Think Alfred Hitchcock.

Think GreenPeace, which would of course produce an alternative version in which the Peaceful Parrot People unite to purge the world of exhaust-belching, climate-destroying automobiles without catalytic converters. A cult classic.

By the way, hydrogen-powered vehicles are only supposed to emit water vapor. Water vapor is a much more significant greenhouse gas than CO2. Also, you have to use energy to make the hydrogen, so you either have to use nuclear power or burn fossil fuels. It seems very likely that the net warming effect would be higher than clean-burning gasoline engines. That's just a thought while we're on the topics of karate, pollution and parrots.

Kick the parrot, pet the dog, drink your coffee and have a great Friday.

That is truly, truly funny!

My hat's off to the guy that sold the cars guys on the idea. That's one smooth talker...
Yes. What the karate experts are supposed to be doing about this malign threat is beyond me. A net or a tent might have worked better....
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