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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Morning Mix

An excellent article on datamining (Datasifting) - if you're still confused.

It turns out that Alito's first official vote on the Supreme Court was - GASP - somewhat liberal (which is entirely consonant with his judicial record, and I am sure Alito based this decision upon the law and the Constitution). The thing is, the law and the Constitution are rather liberal. DU broods upon the matter. Ted guest blogs at Liberal Larry's.

Shrinkwrapped wrote a stunning post on the death of basic common cultural sense with regard, especially, to sex. And SC&A wrote a post that pretty much defines cultural common sense by contemplating the lives and thinking of his grandparents. I thought both of these posts are about the dangers of stripping our culture of knowledge about the patterns that work. A viable culture does not live in the moment and does not arise out of the culture of teenagers. This is the latest recurrence of the clash between the ideas of nihilism and humanism.

Darcey at Dust My Broom is amazed that French papers are reprinting the Muhammed cartoons after the Danish papers backed down somewhat. The Anchoress also took a look at this one. I think you should read Enough!, a Danish blog right straight through. Mikkel is notable for being a decent and an honest person who is struggling with the central problem facing Europe: How do they preserve their own ideals? How do they preserve the openness of their culture when it is under attack? How do they defend freedom without extremism when they are facing extremists within and without their nations? Start with Mikkel's letter.

I disapprove of this use of religious imagery - I would not do this myself any more than I would disparage someone's mother Yet I also believe that a free society must preserve the right of people to do this type of thing. In order to preserve the right of the humane and wise voices to be heard I must defend even speech of which I do not approve.

Finally, regarding Israel: I think Israel's time of being internationally isolated is over. She can no longer be blamed for other nation's problems. This is not a religious struggle, but a struggle about ideas and freedom.

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