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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There's Got To Be A Better Way

Betsy Newmark comments that "There's got to be a better way" might be a poor choice as a slogan:
Governor Kaine's response is not great. He keeps citing all the things that governors are doing across the country that are better than what the federal government is doing. If the governors are so great, why did Democrats fight any effort to devolve power back to the states?
Brit Hume just pointed out that "There has got to be a better way" was the slogan used by the Robert Redford character in The Candidate. Not the model for a politician to be following - a fictional guy who got elected on his looks and charisma and then had no clue what to do once he was elected.
The comments at her post are quite funny.

Remember when NJ was looking for a tagline, a few months ago?

I submitted 'NJ Rocks!' Springsteen, Bon Jovi, etc- it was perfect, right.

I never heard back from the buggers.

I thought that info might prove relevant.

My remarks were excellent. Kaine's were not.

Betsy rules.
While we're on the topic of NJ, did you know that they are floating the idea of taxing 401K accounts? They are headed straight into fiscal disaster and are desperately hunting around for ideas on how to stave it off.

One of my brothers swears that the NJ legislature competes with every other state legislature for the dumbest ideas.

I like your motto for NJ, but I like "New Jersey and you - fuggedaboutit!" better.
PS: What I found so hilarious about the refrain was that it seemed the perfect encapsulation of the Pelosi strategy of criticizing (which is good) but not offering an alternative (which is fatal).

I mean, are you going to vote for someone who walks around saying "There's got to be a better way" if the person never gets around to explaining what that better way is? The US electorate might not agree with every detail of a Democratic platform, but they certainly don't agree with every detail of the Bush administration's program. I think the Dems would do much better if they came up with a platform!

"Governor Kaine's response is not great"

Betsy's being unfair...she didn't like Guv'nah "Eyebrow"?

I found him to be an oily little weasel, but I had a BLAST watching that left eyebrow of his migrate. over the course of whatever was issuing from his cake-hole, towards the nape of his neck.

Y'know, if his speech had lasted any longer, the left eyebrow would have ended the evening in Charlottesville.

Always fun to watch someone take a metaphorical shotgun to their political career on national color tee-vee...

Alas, poor Tim, he's no Dan Quayle...he's no Dick Nixon...but he sure did seem like a chimera of those two, didn't he?

The eyebrow, now...THAT was something all VaJAnyans can unite behind.

Now I'm sorry I didn't watch! You have me laughing, Bilgeman.
Kaine was the only one stupid enough to take the rebuttal job.

Americans support the war, the wiretapping and the prez himself. And the numbers are rising.

I hope this linky works. CNN has the video transcript of Guv'nah Eyebrow's response.


God...Mister Spock would have envied such an eyebrow.

Regards and Enjoy;
I made an instant connection to Alan Colmes. Do all liberals have left eyebrows that raise?
MDConservative - so now I've got to google Alan Colmes?

Bilgeman, that's magnificent! Thank you!
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