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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Abdul Rahman And Scalia

Abdul Rahman is in Italy, according to Berlusconi. This is just in time, because there was talk in Afghanistan's parliament of forbidding him to leave the country.

Sometimes, religion is not at all about hypocrisy. Sometimes people are willing to die for what they believe. Quite a few in DU don't like the story of Abdul Rahman. They prefer to brood about Scalia's evil and his evil gestures. They do not listen to those DU'rs who explain that the "outa-here" chin flick is not the one-finger salute (it was widely reported that Scalia used that gesture). From the linked thread:

14. exactly. and its not obscene
Sorry to rain on folks' parade, but anyone who regards this as an obscene gesture is overly sensitive or misinformed. I've talked to Italian friends and searched all over and can't find any indication that this is an obscene gesture (while I can find, pre-dating the current hoopla, a number of descriptions of the gesture that are consistent with view that it means, I'm not interested.

I know why folks would want to make this into a bigger deal than it is, but its really a waste of time. ...
30. It may or may not be obscene, but what's REALLY obscene ...is a Supreme Court Justice writing screechy, wingnuttish LTEs.

That's pretty disgusting.
26. To the heart of the matter- It Is NOT obscene but it is totally inappropriate public behavior for a SCOTUS judge.

He wouldn't use that gesture to anyone he respected. And since he has no real respect for anyone including himself....

The only thing these assholes regard highly is money and power.

Well, here's part of what Scalia wrote in
his letter to the editor:

Your reporter, an up-and-coming “gotcha” star named Laurel J. Sweet, asked me (o-so-sweetly) what I said to those people who objected to my taking part in such public religious ceremonies as the Red Mass I had just attended. I responded, jocularly, with a gesture that consisted of fanning the fingers of my right hand under my chin. Seeing that she did not understand, I said “That’s Sicilian,” and explained its meaning - which was that I could not care less.

Why should Scalia respect those who think he should not be allowed to attend church in public? Is that respectable? He probably wasn't using that gesture to the reporter - he responded to the people who objected to Scalia openly attending mass. (Not that I don't think the reporter deserved it. It was a prime example of a "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" question.) Why does the other DU poster think that Scalia should not have the right to respond to multiple news reports telling a lie? Another member of the bar posts to this thread and says that Scalia should be removed from office for bad behavior.

Here's a quote from one of the original articles giving Scalia's response:

It’s none of their business,” continued Scalia, who was the keynote speaker at yesterday’s Catholic Lawyers’ Guild luncheon. “This is my spiritual life. I shall lead it the way I like.”

Note that many DU'rs have tried to set the record straight, and some of those who did seemed to dislike Scalia personally. That's a mark of integrity. DU is not a one-note forum and the argument between the classic liberals and the "progressives" rages on continually. I'm starting to hate the word "progressive".

There were so many quarrels about this that they are now shunted into a smaller forum. Here's a post in that forum starting with a poster who was shocked to find Miami train passengers reading their Bibles.

That has to be a candidate for the Stupidist DU Thread of Month.

As for the reporter, Scalia put her in her place. Notwithstranding all the predicatable bravado, she won't take him on again.

Then again, she a journalist- she may not be all that bright.
She may well be proud of it!
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