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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday At Last

The best way to describe the type of week I had is with this anecdote. At one point I was explaining how to trouble-shoot a certain system and said "And if you still can't get it up then...." One of my slackers fixed me with a manly glare and said "Those are not good words to use in speaking to a man!" So I'm glad it's Friday.

There's a new project called ReadTheBill.org. The object of it is to get Congress to agree to post the final text of bills online 72 hours before the vote, so that we, the people, can read it. The theory is that we the people will force them to be more aware of what they are voting on. There's a petition and other information over at the website; the idea is for us to contact our representatives and get them to pledge their support. I think it's a good, exceedingly timely initiative and that people should pressure their legislators. Something's got to be done.

Minh-Duc at State Of Flux has been blogging about fascinating stuff lately. He urged supporting Denmark during the cartoon wars. He notes this week that as a Buddhist, not even dhimmitude is an option for him, and called Buddhists or Hindus who believe they can sit this one out "useful idiots". He also followed that up with this post about moderate Muslims, writing:
The majority of Muslims are afraid – and they have every reason to be fearful. We, in the West, think of Islamic fundamentalists in term of the September 11th attack, the Madrid attack, the London attack. But Islamists waged war on moderate Muslims long before they waged war on the West. All the Western casualties combined are only a fraction in comparison to the Muslims killed in Algeria by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). And Algeria is only a small front in the war. Add that number to the number of Muslims killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The recent bombing of the al-Askari Mosque prove that extremists are waging war against moderate (or as they call it “the near enemies’) and that we in the West are the peripheral to the conflict (“the far enemies).

Those who claim that there are no moderate Muslims must have never read the blog of Iraq the Model or the Big Pharoah. They of course never fought alongside the Peshmerga or the 206th Iraqi National Guard.
Since Minh-Duc has been out there in the field in Iraq, I think Minh-Duc's perspective has considerable value. Also, anyone who can discuss Ibn Khaldun's writings in with this mix is just too interesting not to be read.

A followup report from the Bahamas struck me as completely odd. After multiple official reports that H5N1 testing was going to be done on dead birds found at Inauga, today it was announced that the bodies were too decomposed to be tested. This makes me skeptical, especially because in the the press release it's implied that there are no indications of bird flu (which can initially be diagnosed from external appearances, according to one official). I think someone is worried about tourism, and so do other posters at FluClinic.

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