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Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Snickers

Oh my God that Hitler/Bush link was absolutely hilarious. My head hurts from laughing so much.
It's a keeper!

I liked his ACLU one too. Ebenzer G. Rinch is the ACLU's spokesman.
M-O-M, thank you for another Friday Funnies post. This week you have been very informative -- and I thank you for that -- but perhaps a little TOO much so. I think I really needed a little humor after all this economic decline, political pathology, and bird flu.
We will survive, Pedro, but I needed a laugh too.
This was good!

I mean, really good. I'm gonna laugh for two weeks.
SC&A - and I forgot the punchline. "Narr" means fool in German - bwahahahhaaaa. Die Menschen lassen sich leicht zum Narren machen.
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