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Friday, March 24, 2006

It OUGHT To Be Funny

Democratic Underground gets very, very excited because the press is finally discussing the LIHOP and MIHOP theories of 9/11 (LIHOP = Bush Let It Happen On Purpose; MIHOP = Bush Made It Happen On Purpose.)

In the meantime, DU argues over the crucial question: will Bush be brought to trial for his crimes by the international community or by Americans?

Now - never, ever say I didn't give you anything. MOM will now forecast the future.... It's coming in now on the crystal ball.... ah, I see Helen Thomas asking questions to Bush-power:
Q: "What is your relationship with the group called Project for a New American Century, and why is it that your policies here and abroad match perfectly with their agenda, including using a terrorist attack on the United States to prompt a pre-emptive war in the middle east?"

Q: "Followup question, sir: If you know nothing about this radical organization, then how is it that VP Dick Cheney, your brother Jeb Bush, your Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, your friend Paul Wolfowitz, and other members of your administration and the Republican Party are the people responsible for founding this group, and how is it that your domestic and foriegn policy EXACTLY MATCHES the agenda of this radical group?"
Pedro's eyes widen and he explodes in response to a NY Times article on the new Democratic strategy. Run women for change. This cracks me up. Everyone knows that Hillary is in trouble, and now just any woman will get us vagina-people to vote for her? Pedro:
Don't you get it? It's about change. Change to what, you ask? Isn't "change" a neutral term? Hitler "changed" things in Germany; was that necessarily a good thing? Well...there the article doesn't really say. This is, of course, the NYT; you can't expect them to ask pertinent, important, significant questions like that!It's just change. Something different. Something new. Different from what we have now. Can't that be enough?
Does the Harvard Arts & Sciences faculty know about this article? It seems to be suggesting there's something inherently different about females and males, that female candidates, by virtue of their gender, stand for something completely different (though it's not within the concerns of the article to articulate what that something is).
I really do not feel that Pedro should be asking questions like that.

Update: This is hilarious. The translation from Russian is located at the FluClinic:
Deputy from LDPR Sergey Abel'tsev proposes to use for warning the spread of the bird influenza of force PVO - AIR DEFENSE, the agency reports RIA of the news. At the plenary meeting of the State Duma it gave the proposal to conduct on the migration lengths of migratory birds the scale studies of air defense systems and to destroy those infected by the bird influenza of birds on the approach to Russia.

Proclaiming its initiative Of abel'tsev it told before hand by the words: "it came time to shoot the guns on the sparrows". Deputy proposed to direct more than 4 billion rubles, isolated into the vaccination of birds from virus H5N1, into the Ministry of Defense for conducting the studies with the application of ammunition of volumetric explosion in order "to destroy infection in the airspace on the approaches to the Russian Federation".

Abel'tsev reminded one also that the main sanitary doctor RF of gennadi Onishchenko proposed "to shoot all crows". "LDPR proposes to solve problem by more radical method", said deputy. Let us recall that initiative "to shoot all birds" advanced not only Onishchenko, but also leader OF LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. On 11 January at the first after vacations session of the Dumas he stated: "it is necessary to force government to end this overflight of birds, any overflights more, albeit there they will remain in the south, it is necessary to shoot out all birds, to place all our men, troops from Sochi to the Crimea and any migratory birds must remain at that place, where they are located".
The Russians are also using the army to try and scare migratory birds away from the Altai lakes. They are being hit hard.

God created the AK47 to use. I say great.
Kind of makes you want to enlist, right? I cracked up imagining the firefight in the mountains - a good time will be had by all!

It's not going to stop bird flu, though. It will just spread it.
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