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Friday, March 31, 2006

Nancy And Harry On National Security

Iowahawk has graciously featured an infomercial on the Democratic Plan for National Security. Read it or die. (Of course, if you do read it there is a chance you may die laughing.) Operation Steel Gazelle:
As you can see by the American flags behind us, this is a smart and tough new approach, embodied in a comprehensive plan that was developed by some of America's foremost military minds: Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, Markos Zuniga, and former General Wesley Clarke -- the celebrated "Falcon of the Balkans." We call our plan "Operation Steel Gazelle" -- strong and tough like steel, but smart and agile like the gazelle, as it nimbly eludes its hungry predators.
But don't be deluded by that title - the plan is not to run! Much. The plan is to double the number of America's Special Forces:
We will work to ensure that these expanded super soldier teams look like America, with plenty of elite security opportunities for all -- regardless of race, gender, age, or GLBT orientation. And, in keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all Special Forces training facilities under our plan will have accessibility ramps by 2008. We have already begun to recruit candidates from the ranks of TSA's elite airport security teams!
As Nancy says, "We can better do!"

You know, Mamacita, given what I've heard coming out of Our Enlightened Betters' pie holes, I have a really hard time figuring out this is fake.

South Park or real newsflash? It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference...
I'm not Mamacita. She's infinitely more readable and in all ways superior to me.

That's Iowahawk's genius. He comes so close to the genuine article that it is hard to tell the difference. It induces a mental double-take!

When reading this, I kept thinking of Kerry's proposal to search every shipping container off shore. Anyone who knows anything about shipping knows that our entire economy would be thrown into chaos.

The utter lack of feasability is becoming the unifying characteristic of these types of proposals.
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