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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Slightly Less Serious

Take heed, you guys. These bachelor sheep were living the good life. They roamed wild, free and unshorn. And then the ewes were brought in. Beware the ewes....

This can only be described as the memory hole in action. The ex-governor of New Jersey, McGreevey, is writing a book. It sounds like it is going to be a real tell-all, including details of sexual affairs and:
McGreevey friend, state Sen. Ray Lesniak, tells the newspaper the book will also feature New Jersey politics and there are some people who don't come across well.

McGreevey announced in 2004 that he would resign because he had a gay affair.
McGreevey is currently way high on the list of "people who don't come across well" in New Jersey politics.

What is this - an attempt at blackmail by McGreevey? There is no question that he does know enough to be troublesome, but this is not a safe thing for an ex-New Jersey politician implicated in a truly awesome list of scandals to do. The man is either nuts or very, very reckless.

As for why McGreevey resigned, it's not because he had a gay affair. It's because the flood of indictments of close associates and political appointees had reached memorable proportions, McGreevey was recorded using the previously arranged code word "Machievelli" during a meeting set up by someone who was selling McGreevey's power to fix a real-estate deal, and then, as a final blow, it turned out that McGreevey's lover had been appointed to New Jersey's top security position without any credentials or even US citizenship. The political pressure over that pushed the lover out, and then the man came back and made charges of sexual harassment (which were absolutely not true), but did puncture the bubble of official silence.

It finally occured to me that McGreevy is appropriately from NJ.

Like the toxic sites along the turnpike, he's almost impossible to get rid of.
The mind boggles.
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