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Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Da Women

An anonymous commenter wrote this about women and virtue:
And from what I see around me, it's also an unknown concept outside of showbiz. (I think that's why I write the kind of fiction I do; the only way I can see a female as capable of virtue is if she is clearly *NOT* human.)

IRL, I look for a place where I could find a virgin bride who'll stay faithful, and I always come to the same conclusions: The Handmaid's Tale and Islam.
But most of the women I know are virtuous! They love their families and their husbands and would and do sacrifice a lot for them. Okay, okay. We are not Hollywood material. We don't have time to put on an hour's worth of makeup and spend two hours in the gym. Our houses may not be as clean as we would like. We do not greet our husbands at the door in negligees. (A good, racy joke is in the comments.) But every night we fall into bed tired from a full day at work and at home, and usually say a quiet "thank you" for our families before going to bed. What is it about our culture that causes the decency and competence of the average US citizen to be such a secret?

I wrote recently that if it hadn't been for the blogging shrinks I would believe that most shrinks are nuts, because all the ones I see quoted in the media don't seem very focused on reality. So I think my anonymous should read some blogs by women. What we see on TV and in the press is not what is. If it were, there would be nobody in our volunteer military. There would be no families left. None of our kids would be able to read! Here's a few links for you, Anonymous.

The Anchoress saw this and commented: "I’m gonna have a heart attack and die from that surprise." Her eldest son sent her a picture, because she's been haunted by funerals and illness. Real families and real people.

She also links to Rabbi Spero's column on Bush. That was good - I particularly liked this bit:
Because George Bush does not take his cue from these liberal newspapers and colunnists, they call him “arrogant’. Perhaps that's why these pages are in constant attack mode against the President.
Mamacita! Start here. Read this.
Michele, who is so nice it's scary, but by no means a mindless dingbat. Read Carson, who is so thankful for her life of perpetual exhaustion. Dr. Sanity, who is both intellectual and fierce. Start here, and read this.
Read the entire Cotillion.
Read Betsy Newmark. Read Irina. Don't miss this.
Read Dymphna and Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna. If you read nothing else there, read this post about the outcome of PC thinking on one campus.
Most women are neither scissors-wielding nutcases nor VM drones. If you will look at the debate that the Matt Dubay case has caused, you will see that a tremendous number of women are extremely perturbed at the real-life way that things are working out for both men and children. Most of us are aware that the court system is skewed against fathers. Most of us don't know how to fix it, either.

Real women don't seem to have any voice in the media. Our way of thinking is not represented by most women's groups. We have fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, and we don't look at them as subhuman enemies or cash cows. We are very, very aware of our personal responsibilities. Most of us don't have time to blog, but those who do are very characteristic. You can pretty much run through women's blogs and pick up an accurate picture of women in the US and the west today, which is a picture unavailable anywhere else.

The Joke that made Chief No Nag (an avid golfer) laugh for half an hour:

A woman was complaining to her therapist about her husband's golfing habit and how neglected she felt. Her therapist suggested a proactive strategy.

So the next day, her husband opened the door to find his wife dressed only in a slinky negligee and perfume. "Honey," she purred, "why don't we go into the bedroom. You can tie me up and do anything you want!" Her husband's eyes lit up with joy.

They went into the bedroom, he tied her up and then he went golfing.

Thanks for the link! That was a great post!
Same Anon you quoted at the top. (First time a comment of mine actually sparked a thread anywhere!)

Question: VM Drone? (Not familiar with that exact term.)
Shudder. Vagina Monologues. I don't like 'em. It seems like being told to get back in the kitchen. If you don't understand the reference you are lucky.
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