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Friday, April 28, 2006

Cape Cod Windfarm

Okay, by now we all know that Senator Kennedy is fighting against the installation of offshore windmills to generate electricity near his home. I just want to draw your attention to this DU thread about it so I could quote a few comments on the thread:
22. Perhaps his concern for the enviornment is not as great as his concern for the view from his home. Everybody cares about the enviornment, but many want other people to make the necessary sacrifices.
15. Fine
I know this is an empty threat, but I'm feeling it

If Kennedy opposes this because it's an eyesore, I'm going to get a raft and a pair of speedos and three of my pastiest white friends and we're all rowing out to to tan in the waters behind his house
I'll join you I'm a pasty fat old broad, over 50, and if you want an eyesore, just put me in a string bikini. I'm talking ACRES of cellulite.

Let me know where and when. I'll buy the sunscreen and the airline ticket and I'll meet you there.

They're right - we all resist change!

"..ACRES of cellulite."

Who says poetry is dead?
Besides, I like the look of the new power generating windmills. I've got a few pictures of them posted over at my site, and a ton more on the hard drive.

But then I've never understood the affection people have for cape cod.

or Ted Kennedy for that matter.
Tommy, just yesterday I was looking at models (same design - sleek, modern, streamlined) for farm use. I think they're at least somewhat attractive too. It's not like I'd look out my window and scream "AAAGGGH".

SC&A, I knew you'd catch that!
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