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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Democratic Energy Escort Service.

This WSJ Opinion editorial pretty well speaks for me:
The dirty little secret about oil politics is that today's high gas price is precisely the policy result that Mr. Schumer and other liberals have long desired.
They're suddenly all for cutting gasoline prices, just as long as that doesn't require producing a single additional barrel of oil. We haven't seen this much insincerity since the last Major League Baseball meeting on steroid abuse.

So how do the sages on Capitol Hill propose to reduce gas prices? They want to slap a profits tax on Big Oil because of alleged price gouging. Here we have another head-scratcher that seems to defy even junior-high-school economics. Usually when you tax something, like tobacco, you get less of it. But somehow a tax on oil will magically lead to more oil.
Only in Washington, where we can expect that more money will grease the palms of lawmakers. I don't think this issue is a good one for Dems, because most people know that this editorial is telling the truth. Americans are environmentalist, but within reasonable bounds. It takes a lot of energy to do everything necessary to preserve clean air and water.

In the meantime, DU posters are discussing how they intend to spend their $100 "refunds". It seems as if the Democratics have realized that the voters aren't willing to put out for either candy or liquor, and now are hoping to purchase a hot date with the voters in November for $100 a pop. If this works, the US electorate deserves what it gets.

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