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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Drug Addiction Takes Another Life

I wish there were a good answer for dealing with drug addiction, but there isn't. This is an exceptionally tragic story:
Craig Lynch, 37, confessed to killing Sister Karen Klimczak but said it was an accident, police said. He was in police custody Monday evening and was expected to be charged with second-degree murder and larceny.
Lynch had been living since April 5 in Hope House, a halfway house Klimczak founded in 1989 for nonviolent ex-convicts, police said. Authorities could provide few details on his criminal history but said he had stolen property in the past.

Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson said that Lynch called the killing "an accident" and that he was in Klimczak's room trying to steal her cell phone when she came home Friday evening.

Lynch also confessed to being high on drugs, police said.
So a lady who had devoted her life to helping those who desperately needed help is dead. My libertarian side wants to say that we should legalize drugs, but too many ex-addicts have told me that it's not a good idea.

Anyway, I wonder how many of the fulminating anti-Catholics on DU have done as much to help people as this sister? It's a life to be proud of and I am sure her death is going to be a severe blow to those who were able to take advantage of the opportunity for a new life she was trying to give them.

Sister Karen Klimczak was doing terribly important work. Her killing certainly shows why people have a justifiable fear about having such institutions in their neighborhood. But this story, about a homeless man who returned a wallet with nine hundred dollars in it, should remind us all that many people we look down on are extremely worthy of help. Perhaps one thing that is needed are drug testing and monitoring for those who have been released who have drug and alcohol problems.

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