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Monday, April 17, 2006

Politicians Beware, The Backlash Cometh

This Democratic Underground thread in response to a call for a Mexican boycott of US companies points out that public sentiment in the US is getting more and more ugly in response to the protests:
2. This shit is going way too far. Way too far and it's going to backfire.
If Mexican activists LIVING IN MEXICO want to make demands, let them make it of their own corrupt government. Demand that these people be paid wages in their own country that will allow them to live decently.
Mexico is not a poor country. It's just a corrupt country.
80. Thank you! So correct! And as far as their boycott...well, who cares?
They've done it how many times before here in CA? And did anyone care? NO.

Why don't they take all of that protesting energy and knock on Fox's door and demand
change in their country? Why don't they demand change in Mexico and work toward
a Mexican dream there?
3. This is going to back fire big time.
First of all, many undocumented migrants will be terminated the day they don't show up for work without permission. What legal recourse does that leave them if they are illegally hired in the first place?

Secondly, piss off enough Americans and they will start boycotting Mexico goods and services.
6. Blackmail.

In at
least one instance, nearly 200 fired workers in Wisconsin were reinstated, demonstration leaders said, after the leaders met with employers, discussed the significance of the protests and threatened to identify the companies publicly
The one thing that would stop illegals from coming here is if they couldn't find work, and our politicians seem unwilling to slap heavy penalties on employers who hire illegals. I think this is going to be a huge issue at the polls come November.

As Pedro puts it:

How I long to respect one of my leaders! I voted for George Bush in 2004 precisely because he was less John Kerry than John Kerry was.

It's uniquely alienating and frustrating to feel the scorn and disdain that I do for today's crop of elected officials. When did they all become such prostitutes?

Congress and both parties are talking a big storm on this issue but carefully avoiding any steps that would actually address the problem. This year, I think it will catch up with them. I can't respect any bill that doesn't slap large penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Building walls and so forth is cosmetic.

For the record, I am in favor of reasonable immigration from Mexico, but not in favor of guest workers. Guest workers come in and ship money out of the country while depressing the wages of US workers. Legal immigrants bring their families here and build a life. We also need more immigration from other countries, though.

Immigration is generally good for the US, but illegal workers are not. That's a pretty simple equation.

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