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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The President Has A New Press Secretary

The funniest episode ever of "Tommy's World" is up at Striving for Average. See, when Tommy turns on his TV he gets different programs than all the rest of us. Sometimes he shares.

UPDATE: Liberal Larry has some thoughts on the position:

Last week, Scott McClellan resigned in disgrace as well, leaving the position of White House Press Secretary up for grabs.

It’s an important job; one that requires a deep appreciation how vital a room full of screeching, hysterical journalists is to our democracy. As the person charged with carefully listening to the press and then informing the President of their wishes and needs, a White House Press Secretary must be more than a partisan mouthpiece for the Shrub, and possess the clarity of mind to see through Bush’s web of lies unbound by the restrictive shackles of reality.

Folks, the job has Helen Thomas’ name written all over it.

Most of them just happen to play non stop in my head. The hard part is transferring them to some sort of sharable format.
Ground control to Major Tom....
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