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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Volokh Says Not To Worry

This really is funny. The Volokh Conspiracy observes that enraged law professors fleeing the US is not a threat to national security. The original column by Canadian Michael Byers about surrendering his green card is one to be saved down and cherished.You have to read it several times to appreciate the glorious humor:

My wife and I had moved to North Carolina in 1999. The stock market was booming, most Americans felt prosperous and secure, and Bill Clinton -- despite Whitewater and Lewinsky -- was still capably in charge. It seemed obvious that one of two smart, experienced, open-minded internationalists, Al Gore or John McCain, would follow in January, 2001.
But then we were amused, perplexed and finally disgusted at the dirty tricks deployed in the 2000 election campaign, first to defeat Mr. McCain, and then to steal victory from Mr. Gore. And we felt nothing but horror as the Twin Towers collapsed, knowing not only that thousands of lives had been lost, but that Mr. Bush's neo-conservative advisers would seize their chance to plot a militaristic course.
My instinctive response was to put words to paper.
Five days later, on Sept. 16, 2001, my article, "The hawks are hovering. Prepare for more bombs," appeared in London's Independent on Sunday. I continued to write, almost exclusively for British papers, chastising the Bush administration for its unnecessary violations of human rights and international law.

Yep. What can you say? As Volokh observes, Duke isn't conservative and we don't need to worry until the engineers and scientists start heading for the borders. Darcey, come back!

Other dark destructive moves by the US include Congress's legislation to require official identity documentation when letting people into the US. Apparently Congress is part of "Bush's neo-conservative" advisory group. There's just no hope anywhere in Bush's deepest, darkest Amerikka. Even walking around with a British accent earns you dark looks and suspicion. Run for your lives, you Brits!

Do we detect a slight pre-existing animus toward the administration before 9-11?

I doubt the first instinctive response of most persons after watching those planes fly into the buildings was to sit down and write about the terrifying DANGER OF BUSH! What was yours?

I don't have a T.V. so I didn't see any video; in fact, it wasn't until the next day that I learned about it from the newspaper. I listen to classical music on the radio and occasionally (like that September) don't listen to any news. When I saw the front page photo of the jet crashing into the World Trade Center, I was excited that the US would finally begin to unravel; I still expect the US to crash but clearly I was premature.

I wonder how many people thought the same thing? That was clearly the message that the terrorists wanted to convey.
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