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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Anchoress Is Shaking The Cup

It's a bargain - it's rare that you get a woman who knows her mind and writes it so well, and often so humorously:
My husband said, “how do you do that - won’t it feel weird?”

“Yes, just thinking about it feels weird,” I mused, “well, I could remind them what I always remind you when I want to donate money somewhere; that God is never outdone in generosity.”

“Yeah, you do always tell me that, and it always works,” he said with only a trace of bitterness, “but you shouldn’t give your readers the impression that a donation to you will bring them generous amounts of anything except ranting and raving…”
Come on. You can afford to drop a little in there, because crude oil is down again this morning. It's now under $69, due to the news that US gas supplies rose again last week. This gives me a warm, fuzzy sort of feeling, because it cuts some funds for the Iranian Kill-Israel project. So drive a little less, drop some money in The Anchoress' cup, combat Islamo-fascism this spring and be happy.

Also, read Ilona of True Grit, because she is always well worth it. Lately she has been on the subject of our cultural attitudes towards women and freedom, and I love it. Gritty honesty is all you get at Ilona's, but a little bit of grit helps reality digest better:
...we, as a culture, are encouraged to ignore the realities of the female body. Feminism has become more a force of suppression than of freedom of expression in this case. We can’t admit to our needs or weaknesses because of how that impacts the party line. And that is a great shame and loss for women. They can talk all they want about vaginas, but when it comes to the uterus…. they are suddenly at loss except to empty it.

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