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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Sign Of The Times

The Pennsylvania primaries were quite interesting. Suddenly the entrenched politicos are losing their seats:
Angry taxpayers on Tuesday tossed out the two Republican Senate leaders who helped engineer last year's legislative pay raise, an issue that apparently cost 15 House members their jobs, too.
Sixty-one of the 198 incumbents seeking re-election faced primary opposition -- more than in any year since 1980. That year, 14 incumbents were defeated in primaries, according to an analysis by the Commonwealth Foundation, a Harrisburg think tank. The Legislature next year also will include 30 new people because of retirements.
One of the successful challengers was a 21 year-old recent college graduate. Another was a law student. Both Democrats and Republicans lost primaries. I think people are furious with what they see as an entrenched group of politicians who largely look after their own interests.

I'll believe this when it gets here to California. (Incumbent re-election rate of 100% -- period -- since Indecision 2000.)
It takes a lot in CA.

On the other hand, maybe another half a year of declining property values and a severe slump in SoCal will do it.
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