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Monday, May 22, 2006

ANOTHER Unanimous Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that police do not need a warrant to go into a home to break up a bloody fight.

Justices said that a "melee" that Brigham City, Utah, police officers saw through a window early one morning in 2000 justified rushing in without knocking first.
It was the Supreme Court's eighth straight unanimous ruling, and it came one day after Roberts told law school graduates at Georgetown University that he is seeking greater consensus among the justices when deciding cases.
Roberts wrote the opinion, which can be read here. Roberts focuses on the issue of subjective versus objective standards to determine when a warrantless entry and search is reasonable. I must have lost count, because I didn't think there was a string of unanimous opinions that long.

Now I'm wondering if all the uproar in Congress have caused the justices to close ranks? Even Scalia told Congress to butt out. It's also very possible that his genuine, bookish enthusiasm and respect for the edifice of law makes it easy for the individual justices to come to an agreement on legal reasoning. Regardless, it's a fascinating first term for Roberts.

It is actually Jack, Roberts son, who is responsible for the unanimous opinions.

Jack has been telling the Justices that if they disagree with his daddy he will show them how to dance.

This should be no surprise as it was Jack who subdued the Senate Judiciary Committee with the same tactic.

I have had to post this anonymously, and without attribution to avoid a similar fate.

A doom most certain.
The awesome power of the dance, revealed.

I watched some of the Roberts confirmation hearings, and I read the entire transcript. I wondered what turned the senators into blithering nonsensical idiots! Now I know. I would have to agree that it is a fate to be feared.
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