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Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush's Latest Nefarious Plot

As explained by a DU'r on this thread, Bush orchestrated Patrick Kennedy's accident in order to deflect attention from the resignation of Porter Goss:
46. It's completely ridiculous, isn't it?

Sometimes, the things that people say on this board! The probably scenario would work something like this: Bush's minions secretly up Kennedy's dosage of the painkillers to which he is addicted on Thursday night, knowing that Goss will resign today. Ooooga! Ooooga boooga! Then they hypnotize him to drive his car into the wall at precisely the right time, thereby deflecting attention from Hookergate.

It's all a big conspiracy, you know? What, you don't believe it? FREEPER DISRUPTOR!!!!! RW TALKING POINT!!!!!! I suppose you don't believe that the Bush admin is capable of ANY EVIL AT ALL<>
The poster seems ... frustrated.

The reason I was reading DU is that I recall them having conniptions about Rush Limbaugh's retreat to the Mayo Clinic. They seem to be looking at Patrick Kennedy's retreat there with a more sympathetic eye. He is, after all, just a victim:
As a high school senior, Kennedy was treated at a drug rehabilitation clinic before he went to Providence College. He has said he wants to end the stigma of mental health problems, and he has been praised by mental health professionals for being open about his struggles with depression, alcoholism and substance abuse. He also has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

"I hope that my openness today and in the past, and my acknowledgment that I need help, will give others the courage to get help if they need it," he said Friday.
That and an ongoing police investigation. Word has it that he's going to Mayo tonight. He also said that he never asked for any preferential treatment, and that he has no memory of the accident. How does he know what he said? People do have idiosyncratic reactions to legal drugs, and the two prescriptions he was taking might have interacted badly. If he'd never taken that combination before, then he might not have known what could happen. But if that is the problem, why the retreat to the Mayo Clinic? Could it be because this is his second car accident in a month, and CBS News is reporting that a witness has said that he appeared to be under the influence then? He hit another car on April 15th while turning into a pharmacy. (edit - he turned in front of another car, which hit him. See below.)

I'm not sure that we should react only with praise to a history like his. Some understanding is warranted. The benefit of the doubt, perhaps. But a story like his should be a tragic warning to us all to watch our kids. Most of the adults I have known with drug and alcohol problems started using when they were teenagers.

Update: GM Roper has a link to an interesting sample of Kennedy's penmanship after the April 15th accident (a witness reported that he was under the influence, and his writing seems to support that) and also a link to the police report from this week's adventure in drugged-out living. An angel must be watching over this man to prevent him from getting in a bad wreck and killing someone.

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