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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Da Letter To Da Crazies

Basically I was stunned speechless by Ahmadinejad's letter to the left (it certainly wasn't meant for Bush). I have thoughts, but I want to ponder them further before babbling in public. (This article about the designation of 12 species of flies as protected species seems oddly in context. I'll concede the point that they may be unique flies, fascinating flies, even - but surely they are still flies? Why does the left respond to threats by Iran by wanting to swat Israel? Is Israel the only country that does not have the right to defend itself against Hamas? Also, I think one should realize that there is a portion of our population that's very vulnerable to the machinations of a nutcase like Edgy Adji, which are all aimed at breaking the relationship of supply and demand with regard to crude oil. I am not sure the talking class realizes how little margin some of our working people have left.)

Kobayashi Maru has several pertinent posts up on the topic. This one contains some commentary and the link to the full letter if you haven't seen it. His Elmo post is excellent as well:
In the post-Marxian hangover from left-wing 1960's anti-authoritarian ideals, there remains a specious but continually attractive misconception that the relations between nations do not require Leviathan. As we've noted before (though not uniquely), a selective reading of Hobbes leaves one considering how bad life must once have been ("nasty, brutish, and short") without the essential qualifier that that state exists only without Leviathan. Without swift, benevolent, directed power. Without the credible threat (credible only because it has been demonstrated from time to time) that if one strays from certain norms or threatens unrestrained violence against innocents for the purpose of conquest - all three qualifiers being important - that one will be stopped. Not talked to endlessly, but stopped.
Dr Sanity got pithy:
In fact, through the long, rambling discourse, what is most apparent is that the President of Iran could easily, and without too much ideological trauma transition to the job of the director of International A.N.S.W.E.R. if he ever tired of oppressing his own people.
Quite so. Democratic Underground seemed very favorably impressed, although there were a few dissenters:
3. LOL
So Ahmadinejad is now the spiritual leader of the MIHOP / Mossad-did-9-11 crowd? Charlie Sheen must be devastated.
8. We're pissed off at BushCo too, Mr. Ahmadinejad.

I imagine that BushCo is freaking out at this point. I wonder who is leaking and why?
Edit: I think that the Iranians are leaking. They have the upper hand now.
9. good for him. its about time SOMEONE challenged bush's insanity
no wonder condi wouldn't release it.
11. Excellent questions. No wonder our government will keep this under lock and key. I would like the answer to those questions myself.
66. Must Read!
If this is truly the text then it is a must read. And printed and shared.

Now if we could just get a version with pictures so asshat in chief would at least look at it.
29. The message from Iran is obvious, and crucial for USA . .

He is asking for some respect - and he's saying that the Muslim world is ready to destroy civilization before they bow in deference to Bush and the West that is following him.

You don't belittle a suicide bomber who has the means to do terrible damage to us. Simple message - they're more than willing to die for respect, we will die because we refused to offer it.

I'd say they have the moral position here.
How ... fascinating. Edgy Adji knows his audience well. I began with a sane DU poster and I end with one:
22. Yes, it's not what you'd call a diplomatic ouverture, by any stretch of the imagination. In some cases, it's veiled insults at Xianity, in others, thinly disguised anti-Israel rhetoric. It says less, at times, than relevance would dictate, and less than a clear comprehension of *'s style of Christianity would mandate. There are some false presumptions scattered about, out-and-out false assertions; and the BBC, of course, limited itself to superficial quotes, unwilling to divulge what similar quotes have meant in Iranian texts in the last few years.

This is the kind of thing you have a junior undersecretary to the receptionist draft a reply to, telling him to keep it cooly polite in 18 words or less.

"...it certainly wasn't meant for Bush"

Yeah, Mama. I've been saying for a while "Who thinks that letter was actually meant for the President?".

Of course, that question gets lost in all the hubub of opening a new process, giving the Iranians respect (as if respect for the whole nation -- as opposed to a difference with the government's nuke program -- were the real issue), American "aggresion", etc.
When news of "Da Letter" hit morning drive-time AM radio out here, one of the comments (after reading off the letter's talking points) was "Is this a letter from Iran or a transcript from NPR? He covered all the NPR talking points!"
That's hilarious, but you're right. It's clear that American media has a long reach!
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