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Monday, May 01, 2006

DU's Ideas About Which Nations Should Invade The US

I'm roaring with laughter, and most other people will be too. Bro, read this and remember what I said last night! The DU thread. Original post:

If another country invaded America, would citizens fight back?
2nd Amendment concerns aside, where it's kinda hard to get a gun in the first place... I used to be for gun control, but the above just crossed my mind and the 2nd Amendment came into play because precisely that. Being invaded and we all had to pitch in together to win.Given the purported antipathy toward the United States, it seems likely the US will be invaded at some point. By either an organized country or terrorists who won't crawl around like covert cowards like they had on 9/11. America is in such disarray, you bet I'm worried.Would you fight back? Do nothing? Or jump sides?
Some answers:

1. I, for one, would welcome our new Canadian overlords.
Depends on a lot of things, I guess. I wouldn't just automatically turn into an insurgent.

3. Of course we would fight
This is America and I am an American.

4. Fight to the death, it may be F-ed up, but it's my country
And our responsibility to make it good again.

7. Fight back.....but it's not the terrorist or invaders from foreign countries we should be more afraid of...We should be more afraid of the terrorist in the White House and their absolute power grab of the US.....I am starting to think that if the Dems do not take control of the Congress and Senate in November there will be a Civil War in this

9. What's worse: invasion, or the bloodless coup d'etat of 2000? Our legitimate government was overthrown by big oil, big energy and big pharma, and nobody fucking noticed--let alone took up arms and resisted.
23. If they had taken up arms, the US Army would have put them downvery quickly, I would venture to say, and things might actually be worse now than they are.
96. But at least we wouldn't have enabled a dictator
Civil War II should have started in 2000

12. You mean, if another country invaded us to overthrow our evil dictator and give us democracy?
30. Depends who invades and what their intentions are.
If Canada invaded our sorry, bankrupt asses after another 20 years or so of Republican dictatorship, freed the politcal prisoners from the KBR internment camps and reestablished Democracy, I'd rush into the streets and welcome them with fresh-baked muffins and showers of rose petals.
Wouldn't you?

95. I agree
If Canada or Venezuela were to liberate us, I would welcome them with open arms. If Mexico tried to invade us, it would only bring this country down to the economic level they are on now and I would help fight.

52. I'll take "liberty & justice for all" any way I can get it.
and the current power structure isn't offering it anytime soon.

28. I would defend my country from any invader
And once we've won that battle, we turn towards Washington and take our country back from those whose inability to protect us got us invaded in the first place.Then we have another Constitutional Convention, and this time we make sure that the religious fanatics can never use their belief system to sway politicians, we insure that there is a Constitutional amendment against creating laws based on discrimination. Once that's taken care we put on trial those responsible from the top, all the way to Liberty University!!!!!!

31. We have already been invaded and we haven't fought back.
A cabal of criminals has taken our nation hostage.

40. This question is impossible to answer.
Are we talking about if our country was invaded by radical fundamentalist non-christians who would demand that we speak a new language and instill Sharia law? Well, duh. Of course we'd fight. But the chances of that happening seem slim to none. I see no evidence of this on the horizon.

Are you talking about Canada or France or Sweden invading us RIGHT NOW? Well, it's absolutely not going to happen and to comment on it would be stupid.

Are we talking about the UN invading us after we strike Iran and kill 3 million people in 12 hours for no reason? Well, if that's the case then I will be ashamed that I did not stand up to the fascist cabal who has taken over our democracy. America would only be a "word" at that point. A memory. What would I be fighting for? They would be right to stop us. I would just surrender.

Are we talking about fighting the nelected corporate entity that has taken America by force *at this very moment*? Then yes, I am standing up and fighting for my country, to save my country from humiliation, murder, and despair.

And so it goes. The sense of DU seems to be that an invasion by such enlightened bodies as the UN, Canada or Venezuela would be a very good thing. I think we'd better start watching Darcey with a suspicious, wary eye. It seems like the Canadians would make it all the way to Pennsylvania before they had to fire a shot.


I'm not quite sure I'm following you - who is supposed to be taking the anti-depressants?

DU'rs or those who don't think a Venezuelan invasion is a good idea? Because I laughed for 20 minutes. Maybe that means I need major therapy?
I was referring to the DU idiots. At some point, they will recognized as absolute whack jobs.

And these morons are university grads..
Some of them are university professors! Bwahaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa!!!!
That was fascinating:

"If Canada or Venezuela were to liberate us, I would welcome them with open arms."

Yeah I'll be right there
Ah-hem. Let me point out that in GA, our guns aren't buried!
It's so easy to get material by visiting D.U. It's like cheating, because they make it so easy--all without realizing it.

I recently saw a few articles that discussed a possible U.S.-Canada conflict.

The first is from another Georgia blogger pointing out how we could actually repel a Canadian invasion, as if we could take that seriously. He responded to some liberal's letter to the AJC editor that said, "Now using the same false logic, stupidity and arrogance Bush used to invade Iraq and is going to use to nuke Iran, the Canadians have every right to invade us, don't they?" Agggghhhhh http://www.grouchyoldcripple.com/archives/003121.html

The next article explains that we actually had (or still have) a plan to invade Canada! Why would we want more government dependent leeches in our country? http://www.damninteresting.com/?p=492

Finally, here's an actual war plan with maps and all! "You know if it wasn't for Benedict Arnold (Yup, the traitor of later) losing a key battle in the Revolutionary War, Canada would probably be a part of the U.S. (But much like New Jersey, we probably wouldn't want it)." http://invadecanada.us/

Why don't we get the Mexicans crossing our southern border to go to the northern border and build a protective wall-while they stand on the northern side of it during construction, solving two problems at once?
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