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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

ELFish Doings

It is probably impossible for a sane person to figure out why "environmentalists" wanted to blow up a Forest Services lab working on the genetics of conifers. But they did. One has already pled guilty and will testify against the other two:
One of three people accused of plotting to blow up a U.S. Forest Service genetics lab and other targets pleaded guilty to conspiracy, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.
The three were arrested Jan. 13 as they allegedly bought bomb-making materials at a Kmart in Auburn, east of Sacramento.
Three days before their arrests, the three are alleged to have scouted the Nimbus Dam and nearby fish hatchery on the American River near Sacramento, and the Forest Service's Institute of Forest Genetics near Placerville, in the foothills east of Sacramento.

The three planned to act in the name of the Earth Liberation Front, a shadowy group of environmental activists, investigators said. However, the FBI infiltrated the group with an undercover informant.aid.
Maybe they really wanted to blow up the dam that was strangling Gaia's tears or something like that. I just couldn't see why anyone would think the genetics lab was worthy of destruction. In some confusion, I sought an answer at DU:
1. Do these morons actually think they're helping their cause? Nobody likes a terrorist.
(Are you sure? Galloway sure likes 'em.)
2. Bomb materials from Kmart? From the Martha Stewart collection?
(You've got to stock those hard-to-find items if you want your customers to keep coming back!....)
6. they think they're saving the earth and ANY genetic engineering is a target, real or symbolic. these kids are 20 years old - they DON'T understand the science. would they bomb Gregor Mendel's monastery?

ELF i have less problems with. Hummer dealerships are uncool, no gray areas.
to call this 'Terror', though, demeans terrorism.
Hmm. This one seems to have the answer.... and seems to think that they should have blown up a Hummer dealership instead. Sorry for the demeaning insult to terrorism, man.

There are some very interesting folks at DU - no wonder they get so hysterical about the possibility of NSA picking up calls they make to overseas terrorists.

You know, there's a lot to be said for corporal punishment of idiot kids.

Never mind.
The other two conspirators were much older. One was 28.

Some just don't ever grow up.
It may be asking too much to expect a modern 28 year old to be a grown up, MOM. These days, they don't really seem to mature until they've had their first brush with death or serious illness.

Well, I'm not in favor of higher death rates to engender maturity. Perhaps the problem is our policy of wrapping kids in cottonwool.

Involving kids in the adult world might help. It strikes me that many kids now are raised with relatively little involvement with their families. Having chores and feeling a sense of family responsibility might help. Certainly by the time someone reaches their 20's, their parents have experienced the deaths or the illnesses of the grandparents. Exposing kids to that ought to give them more of a hint about life.

I am aware that a society that think red pen on school papers is traumatic might not agree, but life does entail some suffering and I think it is very helpful for children to see their parents dealing with all of life.
I think you're referring to a woeful shortage of consequences. Children wrapped in cottonwool and lowered expectations are certainly part of it; it also seems that as the amount and type of heinous crime continues to grow, it's harder for society to give brats - adult and child alike - the scrutiny they deserve.

GP. Or rather, the public has ceased to shame those who behave badly. That was always the main enforcer.
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