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Friday, May 12, 2006

Every Young Man An Atomic Bomb

I don't think anyone would argue that this bank was conducting proper oversight of its employees:
At first, the former bank employee was charged with stealing close to $360,000. Now, federal prosecutors say the amount was almost $3.4 million.

Estela Ramos, 46, was accused of taking the money over almost seven years, until she was fired in November from the U.S. Bank branch in suburban Chicago.
So far the customers have gotten back over 3 million dollars. She specialized in looting the CD's of customers who spoke little English. How special.

I am sure the other employees will not be happy with the new credit monitoring standards and other checks imposed on them. Yet over 3 million dollars of liability forces a reaction, doesn't it? What do you think reasonable precautions in order to prevent 3 million deaths on American soil might be? Hmmmmm. There's a breaking report that the IAE found traces of highly enriched uranium at a defense site in Iran:
The U.N. atomic agency has found traces of highly enriched uranium at an Iranian site linked to the country's defense ministry, diplomats said Friday. The finding added to concerns that Tehran was hiding activities that could be used to make nuclear arms.

The diplomats, who demanded anonymity in exchange for revealing the confidential information, said the findings were preliminary and still had to be confirmed through other lab tests. But they said the density of enrichment appeared close to or beyond weapons grade _ the level used to make nuclear warheads.
Of course they haven't created it themselves, unless our intelligence is really bad. But they could have gotten weapons-grade uranium from several sources. Who knows. Perhaps someone was trying to spiff up those suitcase nukes missing from Russia. The ones Al-Qaeda boasts about. I feel really secure and safe and all, especially considering the nature of mullah-ordained society and Iran's dedicated cadre of would-be dirty-bomb delivery agents. Today's pizza special comes topped with enriched uranium mixed with nails and includes a free liter of nerve gas.

Yesterday Ahmadinejad was visiting Indonesia. He gave a nice talk greeted with great applause by university students:
At a dialogue with Indonesian Islamic leaders Friday, one member of the audience urged Ahamdinejad to go ahead and develop nuclear weapons, saying the "enemies of Islam" also had them.

The Iranian leader did not reply directly, but quipped that "every young man in the Islamic world is an atomic bomb because they have faith, God and love the character of the Prophet Muhammad."
Especially those who have signed up for jihad:
The signals from Tehran regarding its ability to retaliate have been anything but subtle. In an interview with Britain's Guardian newspaper last week, the spokesman of a Tehran-based group announced it was recruiting Iranians and other Muslims internationally to conduct suicide-bomb attacks.

Volunteers, who reportedly already number in the hundreds, are allowed to specify whether they prefer to carry out operations against Israel or "the occupiers of Islamic lands," an apparent reference to U.S. and other Western troops based in various Muslim countries.
Given all of that, I am not surprised that a majority of Americans think NSA might have a valid reason to be collecting call records for pattern-matching. Anyone who reads anything other than the NY Times has a clue about the dangers. Most Americans do.

But, the president of Iran wrote a letter.. doesn't that count for anything? Saddam was never nice enough to write a letter. What ever happened to the bonds built between pen pals.
"What ever happened to the bonds built between pen pals." I hear Galloway is writing back! LOL.

And it was a nice long letter, too! With no red pen whatsoever. And Mr. Adji was a teacher! A nice, crochety safe-as-houses teacher. But on the other hand, so was Mussolini, so maybe that's not all that reassuring.

I think the chances are running about equal that the Iranians manage to nuke themselves, the Israelis strike or we strike. May God protect the largely innocent Iranian people.
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