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Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday's Fools And Follies

NOTE: Scroll down for something that will have you grinding your teeth. According to one senator, the Senate's immigration bill makes it far more advantageous for an employer to hire illegals than for an employer to hire American citizens. For one thing, the employer gets tax amnesty for withholding taxes.

The life of a criminal defense lawyer is not always an easy one.This one got slapped, and this one got choked by their own clients in the courtroom:
Jacobson, whose eyes were focused elsewhere, backhanded his attorney without warning, said Undersheriff Neil McClanahan, who was in the courtroom because he had received a summons for jury duty in the case.

"Not only did you see it, you heard it," McClanahan said.
The case against Jacobson stems from a reported attack on two guards while he was incarcerated at Maple Lane School, a state institution for juvenile delinquents.
The judge in this case declared a mistrial. I'm not sure that's a good idea - this punching out your attorney to delay matters might become a well-known strategy in prisons. I think the rule should be that if you attack your own attorney in the courtroom in front of the jury, the jury stays and you go.

Senator Jeff Sessions does not like the Senate's immigration bill. Minor technical details such as an estimate that it will cost $500 billion in additional welfare (EIC, etc) costs over ten years, special rights for immigrant workers (that's right - they'd have more rights under this law than an American citizen) have him irate. Read it and contemplate matters. Sessions is particularly steamed by the way these and similar provisions were written into the bill. It's amazing what you discover when you actually read the legislation upon which you are voting:
So all the big print, “temporary guest workers,” “temporary guest worker task force,” and then you read in that section down there that it effectively converts them from temporary workers to legal permanent residents, granting them a green card.
Under the AgJOBS component of the substitute, illegal alien agricultural workers who have worked 150 “workdays” in agriculture over the last 2 years will receive a “blue card,” allowing them to live and work permanently in the U.S. However, because current law defines an agricultural “workday” as 1 hour of work per day—the bill language restates that definition on page 397—an alien who has worked for as little as 150 hours—there are 168 hours in a week—in agriculture over the last 2 years will qualify for a blue card.
No alien granted blue card status may be terminated from employment by any employer during the period of blue card status except for just cause.

Because blue card aliens are not limited to working in agriculture, this employment requirement will follow the alien at their second and third jobs as well.
The AgJOBS amendment specifically states that recipients of “funds under the Legal Services Corporation Act” shall not be prevented “from providing legal assistance directly related to an application for adjustment of status under this section.” Interestingly, page 414 of the bill requires the alien to have an attorney file the application for him. Not only will AgJOBS give amnesty to 1.5 million illegal aliens, it would have the American taxpayer pay the legal bills of those illegal aliens.
The employment requirements are weak - only 1 day out of every 60. Furthermore an affidavit can be used as proof of employment. Illegal aliens would qualify for in-state college tuition rates. The future provisions for guest workers apply to illegal immigrants already in the US. The bill would fine federal agents who investigate the applications:
A Federal agent, trying to do his duty to enforce the law and investigate fraudulent information provided by an illegal alien in their amnesty application, for law enforcement purposes, what happens to them if they take the amnesty application and actually examine it and find out it is fraudulent? What do they do? The agent would be fined $10,000.
As Sessions says, this appears to be a way to allow people to file fraudulent applications as a matter of routine. Illegals who apply for amnesty are only required to pay back taxes for three out of five previous years, and they get to pick the years. Employers of illegal aliens are given tax amnesty on withholding taxes, which will favor the employer who hires illegals and will ensure that the employer gets the workers to file for immigration amnesty:
Employers of aliens applying for adjustment of status—amnesty—“shall not be subject to civil and criminal tax liability relating directly to the employment of such an alien.” That means a business that hired illegal workers does not have to pay the taxes they should have paid. Why? This encourages employers to violate our tax laws and not pay what they owe the Federal Government. They are excusing these employers and giving them amnesty from not withholding taxes. That is a very bad thing. Every American business knows they have to pay their withholding taxes.

What about two small businesses, one hiring illegal aliens not paying Social Security, not paying withholding to the Government, and paying some low wage, and another one across the street doing all the right things, hiring American citizens, perhaps paying higher wages and withholding money and sending his Social Security money to the Federal Government, what message does that send to the good guy, to give complete amnesty to the guy who has manipulated the system and gotten away perhaps with tens of thousands of dollars in benefits that his competitor did not get?
I leave you with that question.

Earlier I wrote on this topic that it was class warfare, and I stand by that statement. The elite in this country is bound and determined to work over the working class. They want cheap nannies, cheap houses and cheap labor and they don't care who they destroy in order to get it. If anything like this bill becomes law, Howard of Oraculations is correct that it will mean a revolution.

In most areas of this country, a roofer now makes no more per hour than he did when I was in high school - and I graduated in 1978. What does that tell you? In some areas, a roofer makes less. This is because the market has been flooded with cheap, often illegal workers. When I was in high school, a construction worker could buy a modest house. All that has changed, and proposals like these would cripple our country.

Remember the Roman Empire, M-o-M?

Slaves (on the latifundia of rich aristocrats) were such cheap labor they undercut any wage a free Roman could be paid. It ended up with the Army as the only job available for a freeborn Roman commoner.

Other than that, the only "career" open to a freeborn Roman commoner was to go on cradle-to-grave welfare -- "MORE BREAD! MORE CIRCUSES! MORE BREAD! MORE CIRCUSES!" All the blue-collar jobs (and most of the white-collar ones) were already taken by slaves.

And the highborn Romans who were getting rich from all this? They were living like Paris Hilton and singing Glenn Frye:
"I Got Mine,
I Got Mine,
I Don't Want a Thing to Change
Now That I Got Mine..."

(Pay no attention to those stinky barbarians pouring through the city gates with bloody swords... Or your commoners rushing to welcome them...)

The parallel between a congressional body suddenly gone out to lunch (we just complain to the Emperor, we don't actually try to pass legislation!) and the Roman senate is evident.

Sometimes I wonder, man. Sometimes I wonder. Elitist societies aren't stable.

PS: And some of these people are willing to metaphorically burn Christians too - unless they agree to stay in the catacombs where they belong. The Catholic church is disliked for more than its stance on sex. Those nasty, churlish comments about living wages... Shudder.
Back of the citizen line front of the green card line Gracias Gringos!
I don't think the members of congress are planning any of the actions in this post. I think they are too stupid to plan anything. They just shoot from the hip and pull a multi-billion dollar joke on the American Citizens.
******Congress declares--We are above the law******
It's a sick joke. I'm not laughing.
******Congress declares--We are above the law******

They're a late second; the Supreme Court did that years ago.

Another thing about the Roman Empire, M-o-M. There's an urban legend that as the barbarians were coming through the gates, they were met by Roman Aristocrat women. These Roman Paris Hiltons were running to the barbarians for the one sexual experience they hadn't tried to the point of boredom -- gang-rape by barbarians.
I don't believe it, really. Nonetheless, ewwwwwwww.

It does call to mind the women having sex with young kids in our schools. There's no doubt that the theory of "anything goes" is becoming widely prevalent. Sexual adventurism seems to pall quickly; like many pain-killing drugs, the dose has to be constantly heightened in order to maintain the same effect.
...like many pain-killing drugs, the dose has to be constantly heightened in order to maintain the same effect.

Do you know anything about the backstory of Hellraiser? The "Cenobites" (Hell's torturers) were more undead than demonic, so addicted to "sensation" that they kept going higher and higher -- and in Hell there was no mortality or physicality to cause a top-out point. Much of the backstory tells of "the utter boredom of Hell" as the Cenobites try to whip themselves up to greater and greater heights of "sensation" because they've lost the ability to feel anything.
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