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Monday, May 08, 2006

If You've Been Wondering

... where I've been, we've been having severe thunderstorms for the last two days.

We've gotten over four inches of rain, which we desperately needed.
But everything is pretty much unplugged for the duration, including me. Major lightning.

The storms are turning and coming back this evening!

PS: I do like country living, but this is taking it a little too far IMO:
They once were a rural American staple, a necessity for daily life. Today, outhouses are mostly gone -- but not if you wander into Janie Peel's backyard. "This is my newest one," she said, gesturing toward a vintage double-seater that was moved in its entirety to her farm.

"It took three men to lift it," she said. "But if we hadn't, it would have been torn down."

I can commiserate- we had some of your weather.

I also had enough sense not to run out and buy speedos.
Hmm, the image of three dead psychiatrists wearing Speedos. Wise choice!
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