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Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's All About Bush

Mount St Helen is getting pretty active. See the volcano camera. Here's a picture of a 300 foot "fin" growing out of the volcano. Eventually it will collapse, but I wouldn't recommend staring at the volcano cam until that happens, fascinating as it is.

DU has its own opinions about this. Original post:
Visitors to the Johnston Ridge Observatory at the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument can look forward to a spectacular view of a hulking slab of rock that's rapidly growing in the volcano's crater.

It's jutting up from one of seven lobes of fresh volcanic rock that have been pushing their way through the surface of the crater since October 2004.

The fin-shaped mass is about 300 feet tall and growing 4 feet to 5 feet a day, said Dan Dzurisin, a geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey.
Some replies:
2. I name this "Anger Fin"
The Earth is angry.
16. bushitler's mummy... haven't seen her in a while, her beautiful mind.
23. i.e. ...
I do believe that Mt. St. Helens, and perhaps the entire Cascadian range might just blow. :nuke:
You haven't seen anything yet!
21. Earth is flipping off Bush.
For being an environmental failure, Mount St. Helens is giving W the bird..
Just consider this an illustration of some of Dr. Sanity's posts about Bush Derangement Syndrome. You really have to be obsessed to think that that volcanos are all about Bush. This could also illustrate her most recent post, which begins:
I am repeatedly astonished at how the left in this country jumps to their pre-ordained conclusions about things. Everything that happens is instantly transformed into a "fact" that supports their fantasy. We see this in people with paranoid delusions. They take reality and then creatively rearrange it to fit the pattern they have already set up inside their heads.
I really don't understand psychological jargon, but occasionally one has a moment of enlightenment, and this was mine.

Actually, it's a Giant Earth Shark, a huge Earth Elemental in the shape of a Great White that swims through solid rock, surfacing only for prey -- Republicans! (Yeah, no Republicans living in St Helens' lava dome, but I didn't say they were all that bright.)

Got to suggest that one to my D&D Dungeonmaster.

The Headless Unicorn Guy
Giant Earth Sharks! Of course!

There have been earthquakes in Indonesia and Iran lately, so maybe there are several.
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