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Friday, May 12, 2006

Liberal Larry On Amhadinejad's Letter

I think Liberal Larry summed it up nicely in his post on Edgy Adji's letter:
Future Nobel Laureate and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took time out from his busy schedule of hanging kids from construction cranes to sit down and personally pen a letter criticizing Bush for his un-Christianlike human rights abuses, and to assure the American leader that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are purely peaceful.

Islam, he explained, strictly forbids acts of violence against innocent human beings and, in some circumstances, against Jews as well.
But those circumstances under which acts of violence against Jews are prohibited are very, very limited in the worldview of these Iranians.

And if I remember Islamic Holy War protocol, sending a letter to the infidels calling them to convert to Islam is the last step before you actually start shooting.

The infidels' refusal to convert puts all responsibility for the subsequent Holy War upon them, thus justifying any means whatsoever on the part of the Jihadis.
That's correct! I have to look up the specifics in English, but that is the necessary prerequisite to subjugating an infidel with Allah on your side.
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