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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Liberal Larry On Gas Prices

Of course, we know we can BlameBush:
Since the day Bush was sElected, rising gas prices resulting from his ties to Big Oil have been a heavy financial burden on working families....

Thankfully, politicians are finally taking steps to punish greedy corporations that profit at the expense of the consumer. In California, wise Democrat leaders are proposing heavy fines on the petroleum companies should their obscene earnings rise any higher. With their costs shooting through the roof, Big Oil would then be forced to lower prices at the pumps. If they took it once(sic) step further and confiscated all of Big Oil’s profits, logic dictates that gas prices would then drop to mere pennies a gallon (plus state and local taxes). Only a Democrat could think up such a brilliant idea. But it’s not rocket science folks. It’s simple economics.

As funny as this is, I'd say the Republicans are giving the Democrats a run for their money in the "brilliant idea" sweepstakes. Placing a higher tax on crude oil inventory is hardly going to encourage a stable supply at the gas pump, now is it? We have two parties competing to originate the dumbest ideas about how not to solve problems while pretending to be doing something.

Many say we will see $3.50/gal this summer. If you factor in Iran, who knows how high it could go. Everyone knows America MUST get off the oil. After September 11, 2001 I expected our President to call on Americans to GET OFF THE OIL. I was expecting a speech like the one JFK gave that motivated us to reach for the moon. As you know, this never happened. Eventually I realized that the only way this is going to happen is for us to do it ourselves. To that end I created this idea and have been trying to make it a reality..

The EPA is offering a research grant opportunity that I believe is a perfect fit for this idea. I have sent an e-mail to a hand picked list of university professors who have experience with government research projects. I’m looking to form a research team to apply for the EPA grant, conduct a social-economic experiment and surveys to determine to what extent the American public will support it, project the economic potential of WPH, and identify logistical, social and political obstacles as well as opportunities.

All government grants are awarded based on merit of the proposed research. I believe WPH has merit but your help is needed to verify it. You can help by posting your feedback. Let the professors and the EPA know what you think about WPH. Do you think this idea is worth pursuing? We need to know if Americans will support a plan like this.

Do you have any ideas to improve the plan?

Share any and all of your thoughts.

Tell your friends and family about this Blog post and ask them to post their thoughts on WPH


Thank you

Craig, America has more oil than Saudi Arabia.

See this
M-O-M, reality has no place anymore in American politics, especially when we're talking about oil.

Lower prices by raising taxes! Democrats repealing gas taxes and Republicans clamoring for windfall taxes! Dogs are meowing, cats are barking, and hamburgers are eating people!
"...and hamburgers are eating people."

Yes, but I don't want to be hamburger-food.

Is it any wonder that most everyone just wants to vote most of them out and start over?
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