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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MOM's Best Advice

When gators bite, fight back. Hit them as quickly as you can, as hard as you can, with whatever you have at your disposal:
Constance Gittles, 74, of south Punta Gorda was watering plants Tuesday when a nearly 6-foot-long alligator bit her leg just above the ankle.

"I just whacked him right in the snout with the nozzle," she said. "After that, he took off," Gittles told the News-Press of Fort Myers.
Hmm. It must be catching on - even the cadre at the Associated Press is beginning to both recognize a gator and tentatively to express that recognition. You have to read right to the end of this article to get to the point of it:
Ahmadinejad does not mention his country's nuclear program, except to say that Iran should have the right to make scientific progress. He ignores valid Western fears that Iran's leaders have lied about the program in the past and are trying for a weapon. On the nuclear issue, many ordinary Iranians support their president.

Ahmadinejad also hints that there was a U.S. government-led conspiracy behind the Sept. 11 attacks, and that the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews never happened. Most educated Muslims, whether in Arab lands or Iran, don't truly put credence in or act on such conspiracy theories.

But such ideas do hold sway among extremists.

If he is one of them, as he appears to be -- if he believes the Holocaust never happened and won't budge on the nuclear issue -- it's going to be nearly impossible for anybody in the West ever really to talk with Iran's president.
In the world of western journalism, hinting that a gator is a gator is revolutionary. Implying that Bush and Cheney aren't in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden is so, so - extreme. I wonder if the news about the horrific killing of the Iraqi newscaster is beginning to open a few eyes? What with all the time most of the journalists in Iraq spend in their hotel rooms watching TV, they might even have seen her face - she might have been real to them.

Great comparison MOM! And here I was thinking I was the only one drawing parallels between the political landscape and the animal kingdom.
That's a fascinating post, KM. I found myself wondering what they would do if they suddenly found an alligator attached to their leg? Scream? Faint? Try to be diplomatic about it? Or would instinct take over? Do they have any instincts left?

Btw, the advice about alligators is not metaphorical at all for those living in my neck of the wooded swamps. You have to move fast, because once they get you under the water you are at a severe disadvantage.
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