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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Noted While Browsing

Just some quickies, because I'm busy.

Evacuation of a trailor park during an LA hurricane drill was cancelled, because no one knew what to do. I'm sure some people will take the opportunity to snark about this. The opportunity to take a swipe at Blanco will be too tempting to resist. I won't be among them. That's why you run these drills - to find the gaps in your planning. A drill that doesn't find any is probably not a serious drill.

I say give them credit for a new seriousness instead of abusing them because their planning wasn't perfect. Now let's hope they revise the plan and run the exercise again, because the people in temporary and not fully reconstructed housing are quite vulnerable.

China reports that migratory birds have died in Tibet and Qinghai province. Right on schedule. These birds are flying north, probably from India, which should make us all think rather seriously about what may be happening in India.

There's a hilarious (to me) thread on DU regarding news of an incident at a Kentucky high school graduation in which students spontaneously erupted in prayer during the graduation ceremony. The ACLU had gone to federal court to get prayer removed from the graduation ceremony, and the federal judge had issued the order earlier that day. The moderators finally had to lock this thread after more than 200 comments because things got so hot.

Why is this so funny? Because among others, an ACLU guy and a pagan preacher end up trying to explain to some of the outraged DU denizens that individuals do have a right to pray publicly. I don't think they made any converts, though. The thread shows DU's strong points, but has many extremely laughable moments, including a demand that the school punish the students or that the ACLU should go back to court to get the judge to punish the school, the theory that the students could be cited for contempt of court, and the new theological position that "Xtians" are forbidden by Jesus to pray in public. Don't tell the Pope, okay?

It probably says something about human beings in general that we have such a problem in understanding fairness and the concept that for one person to have a vested right, others must have the same right. Unfortunately it's not really an accepted principle either on the extreme right or the extreme left, and I don't know how much of the center really understands this either.

The remarks on the DU thread are indicative of the kind of skewed ideology that the ACLU has made possible over the past 25 years.
It's not just the ACLU. Many of the posters seem to believe that the constitution mandates no expression of religion in the public square.

They're short on knowledge and long on certainty.
You know, that is a really cogent point.

A subtle truth is that we are allowing American democratic principles to be redefined, to fit a particular agenda.

Of corse, there is another word for that- sedition.
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