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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pity Me

Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't whine in public, but.... I have been trying to set up DSL at home for Chief No-Nag. The company mailed the modem to the wrong place. They set the account up all wrong. I had a long time on the phone straightening that out. Monday night, that was. And I have to call them back, because it's not set up right still.

But since I was setting up a new computer for Chief No-Nag in the process, I had to do all the updates, etc. And then of course I wanted to install better virus protection, etc. So I had several hours of work to do last night, even on a DSL connection. And I decided not to let him use IE any more, so I set up FireFox. And after I was done all that, I did want to run a baseline scan. I haven't even installed half the security stuff I use yet, but I realized that 4 hours of deprivation was going to be bad enough.

He paced. He brooded. He felt ill, because he was eBay-deprived. By the time I was done he was so mad he refused to use it.

Of course, he got up IN the middle of the night and figured out how to use it. This morning he was gloriously happy. "It's at least a hundred times faster," he said with glee in his eyes.

faster is better.

IE is evil.

Firefox is great.

I use Opera a lot too now.
I haven't used Opera much, because I think you still have to pay for the version without ads?
Opera, shmopera.

CNN is happy. We men are so easy to please.

Just For Men hair color comes in 5 colors- more than enough. We're happy.

Miss Clairol comes in 3800 colors- and looking the ads, it is clear that isn't enough.
That's not near enough!
Opera went ad free around a year ago.
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