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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SC&A On Oil

Psychiatrists - especially dead ones - have a deep, passionate interest in oil. So SC&A points out that the US has oil!

But what does that have to do with the fact that we don't build refineries, build dams, can't agree on putting up windfarms (it's only a drop in the bucket, regardless), drill for oil, mine and burn our own coal or build nuclear power plants?

Sure, yeah, all those things would generate good jobs, help manufacturers and help correct our trade deficit. BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER to deranged environmentalists. There is absolutely no type of energy-generation scheme that doesn't generate lawsuits.

Da problem is us - which means the psychiatrists are needed. So don't give us facts, SC&A. We need therapy. Masses of therapy for the masses. Maybe we have more of a sanity deficit than an energy deficit. Either that, or we need to export our moonbat environmentalist lawyers.

I'm amazed by the overwhelming response that facts are irrelevant to any discussion, or that we're each entitled to our own sets of facts. Everytime I see something like that I think back to Dire Straits and the lyrics "two men say they're Jesus, one of them must be wrong."
What I see is the same dynamic I've run into with Young Earth Creationists, where reality must be made to fit dogma. Where the Gods of the Copybook Headings must bow to the Gods of My Holy Book or My Magick Crystal.

Except with the Greens, it's "Mother Gaia" as Their Personal LORD And Saviour.

Clue: Mother Gaia does NOT "Wuv Yoo", let alone give out Magical Mommy Kisses to her Favowite Baby Pwecious Darwings. Mother Gaia is a personification of Nature, and Nature is totally indifferent as to whether you or I live or die. We have forgotten what the old gods -- the gods of nature -- were really like.
Loved that tongue in cheek!

That said, your dry humor is on the mark. We are allowing the enviro-jihadis to control the debate, the science and the morality of American values.

As for therapy, I submit we GIVE 100,000 acres to the enviro-jihadis on the condition they live there, so that they may show us a better way.

No electricity, no guns and no clothes.

We will even assume funeral costs.

Headless Unicorn: The Gaia thing really is bizarre. Your point is excellent. After all, the Gaia-worshippers have returned to the old nature-god theory that worship required human sacrifice. (Of course, they never volunteer to be the sacrifice.)

I'm all for it! Just so long as I'm not downwind....
M-o-M, how'd you recognize it was me?

That was something I noticed years ago; here was the original buildup to the conclusion:

Today's "pagans" in America are not really pagans; they're NEOpagans, coming from a civilization influenced by 2000 years of Christian thought.

Neo-old gods like "Mother Gaia" are based on the Victorian-sanitized versions of Ceres and Demeter, not the original versions. Then you get originals originals like Bloody Ishtar (and her Phoneician/Canaanite incarnation Asherah of the High Places), Artagatis of Syria, Artemis of Ephesus (with her thousand dugs), Kali-Durga of India (remember Thugee?), Sekhmet of Egypt (personification of destruction now a feminist icon), or all the other Old Gods.

Note that a lot of these are Goddesses, beloved of femmies everywhere. (And bad F&SF doing fantasy religions on the cheap.) Never mind that a lot of RL historical Goddess religions were as male-supremacist as the Taliban; since the Goddess personified Female Perfection, mortal females were as rancid piles of dung compared with such Perfection of The Abstract Female. (Sounds kind of like today's RL women in competition with Those Perfect Porn Stars...)

The Headless Unicorn Guy
Hmm, Headless. At a wild guess, the correct spelling, punctuation and smooth sentence flow were probably a strong clue. But I think I also might have made a connection between the content of the story - killing the archetypes - and the subject matter.

You raise a number of excellent points about our culture as a whole. Are we engaged in a postmodernist return to primitivism with our politically correct, fact-averse culture of the moment?

I think I will try to collect my thoughts, such as they are, and post about the issue. I haven't stopped thinking about your story, btw. It says a tremendous amount about modern culture.
At a wild guess, the correct spelling, punctuation and smooth sentence flow were probably a strong clue.

You mean I stand out because I can actually write understandable coherent English instead of the likes of "teh gAngSTA pWn j00!"?

P.S. Made my first pro sale last weekend, in a Catholic-themed SF anthology that should be printing in 6-8 months or so. Maybe being able to write can pay off...
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