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Friday, May 19, 2006

Weird, Weird Women

DU had a strong reaction to the WaPo article about the CDC's nutrition and medical treatment guidelines for women in their childbearing years For background, see yesterday's post. Now, on to DU. Some quotes from the original post:
This article has me absolutely raging today. I am not a walking UTERUS. I am NOT pre-pregnant. My kids are almost grown. Yes, it's true I can still get pregnant but that does not mean the CDC and the Federal Government are going to dictate to me how I should live.
I'll be damned if I will sit still and let the CDC impose rules for my life because I am a "breedable" woman when no such rules exist for any MAN in this country.

It is sexism at best and REPRODUCTIVE SLAVERY in reality.
Since when is medical advice equivalent to a mandate? Roars of approval ensue:
6. It's come down to choice no longer means abortion.
Welcome to the Republic of Gilead.
What does that mean? Does the poster think that suggesting taking vitamins is a threat to abortion?
7. Sister I will go down fighting for you and me both!!
Felled on the frontlines by an informational brochure?
10. Three cheers for opinionated, pissed-off bitches!!!!
I married one and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

Your rant is absolutely right on. I am stunned at the variety of ways the neocons think up to oppress us. You'd think we could trust what the CDC tell us, for Chrissake. But noooooo. They're onboard with the whole "get back in the kitchen, woman" agenda like the rest of them.

Hunter Thompson was right calling America the Kingdom of Fear.
Any comment I would make would be obscene, and I think we should all recognize that a miraculous intervention by supernatural agency prevented me from writing what I'm thinking, because no power on earth could prevent me from expressing what I'm thinking about this man's marital relations. Also, what I'm thinking is probably true.
11. We tried to warn them didn't we? Attacks on womens reproductive rights.....on minorities...on gays...but they didn't listen....

Now they are trying to dictate to women how to manage their bodies... ....It is sexism....
Shoot yeah. Let's take all those nasty sexist diagrams of the female reproductive system right out of those sexist health textbooks, too. It's all propaganda designed to convince vulnerable teenage females that they're baby factories. Just romp right in to your local school and rip those pages out of the textbooks. That'll strike a blow for freedom!
13. I am turning 40 this year.
I have one grown, one nearly grown.
I am divorced, I own my own business and what I do with my life is in MY hands.
This is how they will kill Roe v. Wade.. by eroding it little by little.
Another poster today suggested that we might see wrongful fetal death charges if we "didn't follow the guidelines" and had a miscarriage.
Okay, this one at least tries to make a meaningful connection. I don't think that recommending vitamin supplements constitutes an attack on Roe V Wade, but at least this one realizes that there's a rational gap and tries to bridge it. Give her credit.
229. WTF is "pre-pregnant"??!!
Freedon of choice, people! You can have my jurisdiction over my own body when you pry my cold, dead fingers from around it! It's crap like this that's made me a card-carrying member of Planned Parenthood.
Heh,heh, heh. Actually, an NRA card might do her more good on the battlelines the earlier poster discussed. I suspect this is really a man because of the "pry my cold, dead fingers" bit. Funny, right? You're thinking what I'm thinking, right? Freudian slip of the post, right?

And now, the Voice of Rational Evil breaks into the bacchanalia:
14. I'm sorry, but I don't see the problem here.

If it was a law being passed, that's one thing. From what I can tell, however, these are guidelines intended to increase the chances a child born to a sexually active woman has a minimum of health complications. As the article says, most pregnancies are not planned and there's a critical period when a woman becomes pregnant and knows she's pregnant where significant damage can be done to a fetus. Everything here seems pretty innocuous as a recommendation - stop smoking, better eating habits, vitamin intake, all things doctors usually mention to patients in the first place. I don't see the suggestion here that women are second-class citizens. It's simply a fact of nature they carry offspring and should therefore look after their own health if they're sexually active.
Naturally, the call to war is heeded and an assault upon the enemy stronghold is mounted:
15. You are a man, obviously.
reap what you sow.
???? The rhetorical guns fire. He fights back, is rebuffed, the guns roar. We pick up the battle:
85. Go force your "lifestyle changes" on somebody else, perhaps on another website that likes things like that for women. DON'T presume to dictate ANYTHING to me regarding potential children (which I DON'T want).
The squealing mob has him down, but he keeps struggling....
88. How has anything been dictated to you?

Please point out where I suggest the mandating of any binding rule or law on women. Until so, I suggest YOU go to another website that respects arguments like yours that rely on overblown hyperbole.
He is told that he is absolutely the only person on the website advocating a "ridiculous opinion". He mentions the word "logic". He should have known not to uset the word "logic" among a group of hysterical women. Next he'll be talking about a future time orientation....

Finally, a lone cavalry horse is seen on the horizon! Gasp! It's being ridden by a woman...
171. Until now..
I am a woman, so I do get a say in this. I think men should too, as they are born out of women who should take care of themselves. There is not one iota of bad in trying to RECOMMEND guidelines to follow if you may become pregnant. This is not a LAW. This is not being enforced against a woman's will. No folic acid is being shoved down anyone's throat.
She is ignored, logic is ignored. The Maenads swarm in for the final kill:
106. Is that ALL you got?
Ok I'm calling bullshit.
Let's pony up some PROOF of your ridiculous arguments.
I've had it with your opinion... I gave you an article. Now do the same for me.
And now the final, fatal blow is struck by a vagina warrior who has indeed found her brain in her vagina, or left it there, perhaps:
208. Your ideas are ill-informed. You have no uterus.
I would think you would want to learn from those that do. Attain some enlightment about women instead of telling women what they 'should' think. N'est pas?
The strength and intellectual vigor of this poster's comment completely won me over.

From now on I'm winning every argument with a simple "you have no uterus". If I'm arguing with a woman I'll change that to "you have no testicles". I should be in Congress by November, if I apply this rule stringently. After all, I'll win every debate against my opponent.... I'll probably be the only person consistently telling the truth in Congress.

Watch for me on C-Span. I'll be the one wielding the thyrsos and wearing the fake panther print suit. Robin Givhans will love it. I expect I'll run for President in 2008. Just imagine Kerry or Gore standing across from me at the debate, red-faced as I slay him with a "You have no uterus, therefore you have no argument!" The audience of women will rise to their feet with a roar of approval. This is gonna be great. I'll be queen of the world until I meet an hermaphrodite.

Hermaphrodites don't have spores, do they? Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

I'm curious where they intend to go with this. Why is it sexist to be prepared to have healthy children? Is there some power in giving birth to a child that isn't healthy?

Now if you accept a view given in some other arguments that the fetus is a parasite, then I guess it makes sense. One would not want a healthy parasite after all.
I'm prepared to forego my right to have an opinion on matters of reproduction and women's health if women forego their right to tell me what to wear, what movies to see, what friends to hang out with, how to decorate my room, what type of car deodorizer to use, how to spend my money, whether to order the burger or the salad, how much I should (or shouldn't) drink, and how often I need to send flowers.
Tommy - I am not sure that worry about healthy parasites has anything to do with it. I see the logic of your suggestion that an unhealthy parasite is better than a healthy one, but I am not sure that it matches the behavior of the experimental subjects here.

Several of the most outraged commenters had permitted their parasites to live and were even raising them to adulthood. I doubt that they really consider them parasites if they are willing to discuss them. After all, if a doctor told you that you had a very healthy tapeworm, would you be discussing that in public?

Mark Twain on parasites:
Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we."
Pedro - next time a woman tries to do anything on your list, I heartily recommend looking at her, announcing that she doesn't make any sense because she doesn't have testicles, telling her to shut up and become enlightened by someone who does, and then ducking and running.

Perhaps it would be safer to do this by email?
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