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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The World Through Different Eyes

Well, everyone knows now that Edgy Adji's letter to Bush announced that democracy was dead worldwide. It sounds a bit like it was ghostwritten by Kerry. It sounds like wishful thinking, because the democratic nations are the strongest in the world. How that tears up this man's entrails:
In the letter, Ahmadinejad says that people around the world have lost faith in international institutions and questions whether the Bush administration has covered up some evidence surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks.

Liberalism and Western-style democracy "have not been able to help realize the ideals of humanity," according to the letter, which was obtained by The Associated Press late Monday from diplomats who declined to be identified because the text had not formally been made public.

"Today these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the Liberal democratic systems," it read.
But as for losing faith in international institutions, I think people in the "failed" liberal democracies have also lost faith in the UN, and SC&A explains why. If we cannot even tell the truth about a million or so dead bodies, then democracy has failed. And that is why every time an Al-Qaeda spokesman or other would-be Caliph announces that the US needs to abandon its Constitution, or become an anti-Semitic nation, or talks about the Crusades hundreds of years ago to justify his raving, monomaniacal behavior, I despise the UN more and more. It has no purpose. It will not defend the defenseless, or call a dictator a dictator. It will not call genocide genocide. It has nothing to do with the ideals of liberal democracy any longer.

But remember, the liberal democracies are still the strongest in the world - and there is no need to feel that our hands are tied by the UN. That's as if the Allies in WWII had taken orders from Vichy France.

Mr Almahdinejad fails to mention the millions upon millions of deaths brought about as the result if Islamic regimes 'enlightened policies.'

As I have just noted, I am delighted that Almahdinejad has seen fit to excoriate democracy. Hitler said the same thing.
Yes he did. So did Mussolini. There's a creepy similarity between what is happening now and then. Count Ciano's Diary is a must read for our time.
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