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Monday, May 22, 2006

Your Chance To Be A Filthy Usurer

This is occasioning some raised eyebrows among bankers. It seems to be a good way to lose your shirt to me, but if you've always wanted to lend people interest at 17 or 19%, Prosper.com offers you the chance!

But don't exceed 25 loans (or five secured by a dwelling) a year, or you will be subject to Reg Z.

Too risky for me!

I like commercial rental revenue. The RE market is stable (or declining, depending on location), the stock market is still rising- and so are rents.

Buy low, sell high.

I can't deal with ideas that are more complex.
I think the complexity is produced by trying to determine the highs and the lows! But that's investing in a nutshell. I can't believe people are doing this.

Is everyone just trying to make a quick killing? If so, perhaps the series of bubbles were in is explained.
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