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Friday, June 09, 2006

Ah, Fridays!

If you do nothing else this weekend, read Iowahawk's guest blogger, Zarkman, as he contemplates various metaphysical questions in the company of Virginians.

And Liberal Larry - well - Liberal Larry was descending into a leftish despondency over the bad news. Terrorist arrests in Canada. The demise of the leading light of revolutionaries in Iraq, and Democrats not getting any credit for it. Not picking up the Cunningham seat in California. Ann Coulter. Lieberman announcing that he'd run for his seat in Connecticut as an Independent, if necessary. How dare he!

When even the inveterate support of the NY Times for progressive politicians is unavailing, you find you can only scream at the TV for so long until you dehydrate from the expenditure of frothing spittle. Frankly, Liberal Larry was wondering how Terri Schiavo managed to endure for so long. It's almost, you know, as if she wanted to live. The nerve. It's hard when even the cats are out to git ya, your most cherished allies keep taking abuse and the federal courts abruptly abandon the progressive doctrine that only minorities have the right not to be criticized and take up common sense.

Just when it seemed time to stagger off to Canada before Bush's Great Wall closes off all escape routes from Darkest AmeriKKKa (Canada is such a liberal haven that not only can't minorities be criticized, if you are a really minor minority you get the special right to slander other, less minor minorities), Liberal Larry saw the banner of the left ("Die, Bush, Die!") picked up from the dust by a new hero. LL's passionate ode to the values of this new epitome of leftish virtue will bring tears to your eyes - one way or another.

And Darcey of Dust My Broom keeps encountering minor technical challenges. We know he can cope, because he did not go to school in California. That's why we're laughing so hard. If you feel the need to apologize, send beer.

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