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Monday, June 05, 2006

But We're Still Nuttier Than The Canucks

Our leftish fanatics are way nuttier than the Canadian leftish fanatics. See this fascinating DU thread on the arrest of the 17 people with 3 tons of fertilizer in Canada (it was a sting by the cops):
20. FRAUD...probably planted someone with these kids to buy the fertilizer
These govts are totally hell bent on forcing us to become a NORTH AMERICAN state.

These operatives will do whatever they need to do to create fear and suspicion...to keep the funding going for the expanding POLICE STATE and INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES and the elimination of our CIVIL RIGHTS and the loss of our Constitutional Protections.


131. I can believe it.
There is definitely some kind of manipulation going on, same as in the UK
which coincidentally had terror raids on the same day.

Of course I don't know the details of this case, it can be anywhere along the spectrum from getting an innocent guy (e.g. the Menenzez shooting, several Gitmo and "extraordinary rendition detainees) to arresting two-bit players and trumping up bigger charges (eg Padilla, Moussaoui) to LIHOP (7/7) or MIHOP (9/11).
3. George W. Harper is at it again
Ratcheting up the fear. It's really sad to watch the country I've loved descend into neocon madness. The timetable is just a few years behind the United States, and it's so painful to watch because the script is being followed so precisely.

Down here, we know what comes next, because we've already been there. In the name of Barbara Frum, I beg you ... turn back now, while there's still time.
And here's one who knows what is going on - George Bush is establishing his Great Wall to prevent the desperate lefties from fleeing over the Canadian border at night:
66. And how long before the US & Canadian border gets "tighter" security controls? :eyes:

I've been waiting for this....its just been a matter of time. I said just this last month to my husband that now that George W. got his wish for Nat'l Guard along the US/Mexican border and the "Wall", how much longer before there is either some incident or some information that leads the Bush Administration to announcing similar and tighter security along the US/Canadian border...

I'm not saying that this incident isn't real and that as a 2 year investigation before Harper coming in that its not a real plot. But I think that the Neo-cons North of the border and south of the border will use whateve they can to implement any plans they have for the border.

You state that the Canadians can count on needing a passport for sure now to get in the US - I say we Americans might have to count on NOT being able to leave the US!
And then there's the "Freeper White Supremicist Plot" theory:
9. White supremists or RW'ers?
The article doesn't say. But I've a sneaking suspicion these guys are young RW nuts. The super-crazy RW has plenty of these "terrorism training camps". While the RW is far outnumbered in Canada, they are feeling very frustrated these days. Read some of their threads on FR sometime.
It all can be explained away - they wanted to plant tomatoes in window boxes:
160. So many possibilities . . . for courts to hash out
Jun. 4, 2006. 01:00 AM

.. That's the implication from the evidence shown to reporters yesterday: five pairs of boots in camouflage drab, six flashlights, one set of walkie-talkies, one voltmeter, one knife, eight D-cell batteries, a cellphone, a circuit board, a computer hard drive, one barbecue grill, one set of tongs suitable for turning hot dogs, a wooden door with 21 marks on it and a 9-mm handgun.

Or it is possible that the only thing that these bits of evidence prove is that a group of young men went somewhere where they tramped around in big boots, cooked on barbecues, played soldier and generally acted like jerks — which young men are occasionally wont to do.

The three tonnes of ammonium nitrate allegedly purchased was, as McDonell said, three times the amount used in the Oklahoma terror bombing of 1995.

But, as he also said, farmers routinely buy three tonnes of ammonium nitrate "every day." They use it for fertilizer, not bombs ..
Harper is responsible:
79. Canada Gets Harper, a Conservative...and Badda-Bing...Terrorists!

I'd like to think that there isn't a causal relationship between PM Harper and the lighting of the "Terra! Terra! Terra!" fuse in Canada...but it makes one wonder.

The US could certainly use more troops in Iraq, and possibly for Iran. English-speaking troops are probably preferred.

Wonder if this will be used to try and scare the Canadians into involvement in Iraq? (They're already in Afghanistan.)
Bush is EVIL:
82. No one is immune anymore, I think we all know that
but this terra fatigue thing leaves me feeling very cynical and philosphical. I'm not going to stop traveling because of this, and I'll live where I want to thank you.

I blame Bu$hler entirely for inflamming already bad situations, and causing them to spread like a cancer around the world.
And you know what's disgusting? Really horrible? Some people claim that maybe it's the arrestees who are at fault:
99. Come on, people
Instead of blaming the current Canadian government or even Bush, how about directing some anger at the actual people who were conspiring to blow up innocent civilians!

There are crazies who want to kill all Westerners (that includes me and you) because we allow women's ankles to be seen on television. It doesn't matter who is in charge in America, or Canada, or Andorra, for that matter. We are at war with religious fanatics, whether they are Muslims or Christians.

The ranting present in this thread makes all DUers look bad.
Yeah! Those Christians! Naturally, the revulsion is immediate:
114. Yes.
The Bush Cabal apologists on this *so-called* liberal board are pretty numerous, eh?
17. yes they are do you have some insecticide I could borrow?
120. Well..
We might have to set off one of them there "bombs" that saturates the entire dwelling.
Yuk, yuk, yuk... When your ideology is so extreme that it requires you to ignore the genuine danger posed by people who are pursuing destruction, I think you have left the bounds of sanity and voyaged into a solipsistic world. That we have so many people so dedicated to this ideology worries me. When I grew up there was a lot of domestic terrorism in the US and in Europe. It came from several groups, and this has been true for centuries. The nihilists in the 1800s bombed too.

I don't see this group in Canada as being any different than the Weathermen, or than the Red Brigade. People who want to do this will find an ideology to justify it - and some of the posters on this thread share that very mindset. What's bizarre is that the west seems to be having so much cultural trouble rejecting this sort of thing.

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