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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Can The RE Apocalypse Be Far Behind?

According to Inman, Al Gore will be speaking at a real estate conference:
Is there anything former Vice President Al Gore can't do? First he invented the Internet (or at least he claimed to; back in 1992 when he and Bill Clinton were seeking the White House, they kept talking about the "information superhighway"), and now he is speaking at the 2006 Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo in San Francisco August 26-27. "In addition to the speakers, The Real Estate Wealth Expo presents 70 seminars on Creating Wealth, and Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investing," the Learning Annex tells us.
I did not make this up.

I've been getting spam from that "Real Estate Expo". Here's an article on it I copped off the WEb a couple months ago, aka "HALLELUJAH! I OWN REAL ESTATE! DON'T BE 'LEFT BEHIND'!" (Self-explanatory once you see the first photo.)

And Algore? He's the latest celebrity they're pimping, except he thinks he's there to warn against Man-Bear-Pig (TM).
Yes, but is the man capable of opening his mouth without suggesting that disaster is looming? I don't think this is the type of keynote speaker I would find useful in generating that positive, upbeat selling spirit.
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