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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Colquitt County Military Deaths

By nine we had all heard. A military helicopter clipped a tower or its wires in Colquitt County and went down. Four dead and one survivor. It has hit the wires finally.

Our greatest sympathy to the families, and our prayers for the recovery of the survivor.

I heard about this in the AM. I'm glad you posted on it.

Military people are special and deserve more recognition than they get.
They are special. Their lives are far more risky, far less financially secure and are prone to disruptions than civilian lives even in peacetime. They live this life without expectation of fanfare or glory, but I think they do feel self-respect and expect a little from the population.

Now all they get is abuse. There is no miracle of discipline, cohesive teamwork, bravery and strategy that the media will recognize, and the media will spare no opportunity to smear them.

But the country is not the media. We do respect them and thank them.
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