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Monday, June 12, 2006

It's An Ill Storm That Blows A Democrat No Good

While DU darkly speculates upon the significance of Alberto~
Weather Control by PNAC:
{original post)Weather Modification? Is it Weather Warfare???
Please tell me what the hell is going on? It looks like, someone is playing games with weather!
And no amount of explanations by others can convince the paranoids that it is not so, as at the end of the thread another person chimes in....
37. Think what you wanna
But if you were a sociopath rich boy,who had no conscience, and wanted full spectrum domination of the world,(rememberPNAC?),why would controlling weather be off the table as a tool of domination? What makes you think weather control would not even be attempted? THe White house NSA etc condoned torture,what's fucking with weather to them?
Controlling weather can in be in a wcontrol freaks mind a very , possible be a way to give the controller godlike power. It can be used to make droughts,floods, hurricanes,bad storms to frighten,destroy livelihoods,and subjugate others and other nations.
Being named the same as Alberto Gonzalez!~
41. It's an election year and they've got to make Jeb look good.
19. So, has Bush ordered the Nat'l Weather Service to ....
... use all Latino names this hurricane season, to whip-up more outrage over the immigration "issue"?
30. Alberto? (Gonzo???)
Why "Alberto" (Gonzales??) The criminal appointee who can't stop thinking of ways to harm the Constitution?
Sometimes, it seems so... "coincidental," isn't it?
~We here in South GA are praying for rain. This raises an issue of etiquette. If, as President Clinton explains, hurricanes are BusHitler's fault, then do we owe Bush our thanks for sending us this relief from wild fires? TS does not know.

I'm basically sticking with the idea that Bush's powers are not as extreme as DU thinks they are. I hope no one gets hurt and that everyone gets a sorely needed drenching!

One of the most vexing parts of attempting to understand this sort of reasoning (if it can be called "reasoning") is the total absence of a very basic mental calcuation. In a weak mind such as those on display here, not only are all things possible...all things are also equally probable.
Heavy sigh.
It makes you think that more access to mental health resources are needed.

The thing is, they are sincere.
I think Scientology puts it as "I POSTULATE IT, THEREFORE IT *IS* SO!"
This is totally true:
I knew a man who had friends who got in trouble with their mortgage. At one point the female half was into this positive-thinking group and was walking around claiming that if she just imagined and believed that the mortgage would be paid, it would be.

They lost the house.
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