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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jack The Cat

Jack The Cat (a 15 pound orange and white cat) lives in New Jersey. Jack The Cat found a very large black thing in his yard. He decided he disapproved of it, so Jack The Cat chased that thing up a tree - twice. His owner had to lock Jack The Cat in the house so that the black bear could escape.

Word has it that the black bear's new nickname is "Pussy". Ahem.

PS: Even DU sees the connection:
So who forgot to tell me that this is Defeatist Saturday?

I have never seen so many angst-ridden, hopeless posts here at DU. Here we are coming into the election season with a real shot at taking back our country, and people are dropping here like flies, with their carcasses littering the bandwidth.

You know, I'll say this for the right wing. They might have their heads up their butts, but they always see the promise for the future. Granted, it might be a skewed vision at times, but they want to believe that things will get better. Which is one reason why they drink the Bushco Koolaide so readily. Sure we want to be realistic, but we are becoming cartoon versions of what they think of us...crying in our beer, giving up.
And someone responds:
6. LOL! Don't let the doom&gloomers get to ya!
Somewhere around here, there's a picture of a kittykat chasing a bear up a tree - go look at that n giggle a lil bit mebbe!
I cannot figure out why, but the mood on DU is becoming steadily grimmer. This has been going on for months.

I would love to see some demographics on the denizens of the DU...
Many of them are older. That I was surprised to discover. There have been definite waves of population. It seems that the radicals manage to drive the moderates out or under cover with relative success.
"Older" as in Sixties burnouts reliving their glory days of VIETNAAAAAAAM?
Anon - that is my impression. It's Vietnam, drugs, sex, drugs, more sex, etc. You get bitter when you get old and the sex is harder to find and somehow less satisfying, and the drugs tend to make you vomit.

Some of the young ones are neo-academic Marxists. Pedro The Quietist has them pegged - anything's better than working for a living.

There are a few people that appear to be genuinely psychotic. There are also quite a few hardcore raving feminists of the type who believe that abortion is the first sacrament of the Holy Ego, and the Pope had better darned well toe that line! If not, they will personally escort him straight to the hell of Gaia's maw.

Then there is a group of GLBTs, most of whom seem to be at war with the world (although considerably saner than the feminists). This group interests me, because I have found that genuine gays or lesbians (not the political kind) are somehow more sane, reflective and morally aware than the average population. I think the experience of being different makes G-L-Ts think more, and obviously they have to make hard moral choices. They don't really have the option of drifting through life.

So are the DU GLBT's mostly really bis, or are they just maladjusted, whereas I have met those who cope? I don't know, but they are a striking contrast to the mainstream G-L population.

There are plenty of people who drop in who aren't extremists, but they often get taken down with cussing and screaming when they dissent. I think they tend to leave.
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