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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Moonbats And Volcanoes

The moonbat/volcano link is that both are exploding. Mount Merapi in Indonesia adds another level of suffering to an area devastated by the recent earthquake. Pics of Merapi here. Newsday/AP here. There is some suspicion that the earthquake joggled Merapi enough to cause its heightened activity.

It's a certainty that the news of Zarqawi's death is what is causing fulminating moonbattery. As DU knows,
A - The man never existed:
151. The guy was merely an invention of the Bush administration ... ...anyway and this convenient web site is most likely run by the CIA. Now they'll have to invent a new "terrarist" to chase all over Iraq, while continuing to look for weapons of mass destruction. I wonder what fancy name they'll come up with for a "Al Qeada in Iraq" leader?
B - And he's been killed several times already:
167. How many deaths?
I wouldn't suppose this is why we have such conflicting casualty reports... because if senior members of al quida are being killed off more than once, well, yeah...
C - And it's not a success for our troops, because actually Al Qaeda was plotting Zarqawi's death.
D - Bush and Zarqawi have way, way too much in common:
219. 219. Bush vindicated!!!!!

Everything he's done over the past 6 years can now be forgiven and forgotten. He will go down in History as the man who rid the world of the elusive yet lethal Al Zarqawi. All the freedom hating Americans on DU need to now fall over each other trying to praise Mr. Bush like the Dems did when Saddam was captured. Of course in the process we'll dutifully ignore the fact that Al Zarqawi and King George have much in common. I suspect they both loathe gays and wide ranging personal liberties. Both have an infatuation with violence and torture and both believe that they are in acting in accordance with God's will.
It goes on and on. They argue themselves in circles. Zarqawi never existed. Zarqawi's already been killed. Zarqawi's death is just a plot to distract the American public from the news that George Bush is a bisexual. Al-Qaeda wanted Zarqawi killed. Zarqawi's death will make things worse in Iraq, not better. George W Bush should have killed Zarqawi long ago before the war even started, back when they knew Zarqawi had set up an Al-Qaeda terrorist camp in northern Iraq and was manufacturing ricin and cynanide. But no! Al-Qaeda was never in Iraq! No WMD's! Things really get confusing when they ponder a posting of an Al-Qaeda statement about Zarqawi's death with firm statement that they will continue the war. After all, if Al-Qaeda doesn't exist, and if Zarqawi never existed, why would Al-Qaeda release such a statement?

Only DU can resolve such an existential dilemma:
225. It's all a part of the WALTZ!

Get this FACTOID: If the USA spooks create this character, then if you are al Quaeda "why not" take advantage of his martydom? There are many layers ... sometimes it's hard to really know THE TRUTH.
Indeed it is. But one truth is self-evident to DU, and that is the dire evil of George Bush. There is no evil like unto the evil of George Bush in the entire world. His servants (the military), like secondarily-created vampires, can only be saved if a stake is driven through the BusHitler's heart.

Holy crap!

I'm the frickin' picture of mental health, compared to these whack jobs- I really am.

Hell, even my commentor 'Buzzkill' is starting to look sane.

Not really, but I'm in a generous mood today.
It does tend to expand one's view of the mental health of one's own family and friends.

I'm providing a public service here. Increasing marital satisfaction. Engendering warm feelings between friends and colleagues....
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