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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Old Folks Update

I just called my mother's neighbors. They're holding!!! During the last six months, every time my mother had gone away before, her neighbor had landed in the hospital within 3 days. Not this time.

In fact, they're well enough that today they drove out and walked around to look at the river flooding. They had pork chops for dinner. I'm unbelievably relieved. The old lady was complaining because people keep coming over, so I suppose that the arrangements for visiting help are working out. I think dehydration really was her major problem, and that it was messing up her blood sugar.

My mother is resting and gradually reducing her medication, with my brother acting like Cerberus at the gates to ensure that she gets her rest. So blessed peace is settling over family/neighbor connections (and in the country, neighbors really are family).

hallelujah, MOM. I hope all continues to go well.
There's really no reason why it shouldn't! The nice thing about human beings is that healing trends are self-reinforcing. Once you stop the downward spiral, an upward crawl is pretty certain.
I;m with Annie.

When it rains, it pours.
Yes, but sooner or later it always stops raining. The law of averages and balances holds.
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