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Friday, June 30, 2006

Sometimes You Sit And Wonder

Conservative Cat always has some fun things, so I always check Ferdy on Friday. It's sad when cats get wimpy.

But the link that really caught my attention was Mamacita's strange encounter with a mobile Shroud of Turin. (Mamacita's Saturday.) Now I'm dying of curiosity, and I suppose a spate of googling lies in my future.

Hey, I saw that van too. I live here (uh... there. In Bloomington). And yes, I too had a "WTF??" moment, but I let it pass, 'cause I was in traffic.

I have no idea what that truck was about -- except for the obvious fact it was some mobile show about the Shroud. I was sorely tempted to wander into that Steak & Shake and shout out "Hey! Who drives that truck? I wanna see what's inside!"
Exactly my thought. It's not wise to gawk in traffic, though. Safety first.
We checked out all the other people in Steak and Shake but nobody looked any weirder than the Bloomington clientele anywhere might look.

Some people probably thought it was me.
Googling has turned up interesting things, and weird things, but nothing about a wandering truck dedicated to the shroud.

I am disappointed that you let a fish like this get away!
I did find this:

"The Father Solanus Casey Council of the Knights of Columbus. The council, hosted by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, is known for its outstanding touring exhibit of the Shroud of Turin. To bring the shroud to your group or parish or to inquire about joining the Knights, they may be reached at 432-0403 or alexfiato@aol.com. "
Thanks! I only found something about an exhibit in New South Wales. It seemed far afield.
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