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Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's Canada Day

July 1st is Canada Day, and Canadians should not be sneered at. They are getting fighting mad over there. I'm sure it's going to be a shock to a number of radical mullahs when they find out what Canada is really like. The mullahs have mistaken civilization for wimpiness, genuine tolerance for indifference, and politeness for fear. Eh, bad mistake! This will be an epic collision between a society defining itself by values and a society defining itself by tribalism. Don't hold your breath - this horse race is already fixed. The Canucks win going away.

See this (read all the comments), because if you don't, you'll miss gems like:
The Muslim Canadian Congress has strongly protested the depiction of Pakistanis as ‘Sunni Muslim Extremists’ by RCMP and other law enforcement agencies. The organization has asked the RCMP to unconditionally apologize for this act of racial profiling. The group also condemned the arrest of 19 innocent men on August 14 and demanded the immediate release of these detained men.
MCC, which is a grass roots Muslim organization based in Toronto, was reacting to the assertion by the agencies that the men were terror suspects simply because they were born in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Jehad Aliweiwi, a founding member of the MCC said, “the allegations against these young men are so flimsy, they befit a cheap post 9/11 paperback thriller, not worthy of publication even backwater Texas.”
Which is rebutted by this:
...he fails to mention all of the 19 were in Canada illegally and had bogus ID and passports as I mention about in the post ,two had been caught staking out the Pickering Power Plant cool-water intake pipes, plus they took flying lessons at a school that flew near the Plant.
Just a few minor details left out, right?

Mind you, the delightful individual in question was just touring the US this spring. This is a sample of his motivational rhetoric:
The moment we say something, we are branded fanatics, terrorists, extremists, and no one dare utter the ‘J’ word. The ‘J’ word has become taboo [...] the ‘J’ word can never be mentioned [...] So much is happening and yet we are expected to remain silent, we cannot even say ‘ouf’. [...] The ‘J’ word is Jihad in the way of Allah subhana wa ta’alaa [Islamic praise of God]. When the Chechenians rise, when the Palestinian Muslims rise, when the Kashmirians rise, when any Muslim force rises against the oppressors, they are branded extremists and fanatics. Not only is their blood made halal [meaning, shedding their blood is permissible], but anyone who is affiliated to them in anyway, his blood is made halal [...] Allah subhana wa ta’alaa says: “And why should you not fight in the way of Allah and in defence of those poor, weakened, oppressed men, women, and children who are calling out and pleading to Allah ‘Oh Allah, remove us from this city whose inhabitants and occupants are so tyrannical against us and so oppressive against us’”.
That all parses to "The infidels fight back! How dare they!" Think of Beslan's apologists. Hey enlightened one, do you have any words of wisdom for us on Jews?
Nobody speaks of Jewish extremism. In order to understand the current crisis, and in order to fathom why soldiers armed to the teeth are shooting little children, girls and boys in the head with live ammunition, without any shame, without any loss of moral feeling, without any conscience, in order to understand this, one has to look at Jewish extremism. There is no other explanation. And then we will understand why they behave in this manner. And we’re not just talking about a handful of trigger-happy soldiers, we are talking about the very foundations on which the state of Israel was formed. We are talking about the very tenants of their religion on which the whole of Jewish society, except for the few secular ones, is founded [...] it’s this mentality which persists and which leads them to viewing Muslims as being subhumans, in fact as aliens.
The word "Beslan" comes to mind here, followed by the psychological theory of projection. "Jewish extremism" here means Jews who fight back. This is so immensely off-base that it's hard to even know where to start. It is the Muslim jihadis who are claiming that Allah has declared Jews to be pigs and apes, a description helpfully provided in Saudi textbooks. Read some of the Pew surveys for more perspective.

Anyway, because it's Canada Day, because I'm glad they're on our northern border, because I believe they will refuse to drink the multi-culturalist KoolAid, because they are a country founded on English Common Law, because civilization is founded on equality under law, not on blood or in superstition - a little Shakespeare:
The kindred of him hath been flesh'd upon us;
And he is bred out of that bloody strain
That haunted us in our familiar paths... This is a stem
Of that victorious stock; and let us fear
The native mightiness and fate of him.

Bloody constraint; for if you hide the crown
Even in your hearts, there will he rake for it:
Therefore in fierce tempest is he coming,
In thunder and in earthquake, like a Jove,
That, if requiring fail, he will compel;
And bids you, in the bowels of the Lord,
Deliver up the crown, and to take mercy
On the poor souls for whom this hungry war
Opens his vasty jaws; and on your head
Turning the widows' tears, the orphans' cries
The dead men's blood, the pining maidens groans,
For husbands, fathers and betrothed lovers,
That shall be swallow'd in this controversy.

Great, great post- really.

Your words, "The mullahs have mistaken civilization for wimpiness, genuine tolerance for indifference, and politeness for fear. Eh, bad mistake! This will be an epic collision between a society defining itself by values and a society defining itself by tribalism," are destined to be repeated, for a long time.

Well done.
But that's really what we are seeing here, isn't it? It's not at all a religious thing - it's a much deeper divide than that.

I don't think the mad, shrieking mullahs can have any idea how angry the Canadians will get at the idea of having intolerances of various kinds imposed upon them.
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